LIVE – THE BEST MEDICINE (Dilbury Village #3) by Charlotte Fallowfield


“The story is amazing and the characters are wonderful and hilarious.” The Next Great Read.

A laugh-out-loud novel from Charlotte Fallowfield, whose books have hit the Amazon #1 bestseller charts internationally for Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, and Humour.

Release date 28th February 2018.

Despite being a successful author of risqué romance novels, Charlie Faulkner had yet to star in her own love story. Drowning her sorrows in takeaway pizza, and at risk of getting wedged in her favourite writing chair, she despaired of ever finding the kind of all-consuming love that she wrote about in her books.

When she did venture out of her writing cave, chaos and disaster followed, with many a trip to the emergency room of the local hospital. It was there she fell head over heels for the handsome doctor who often treated her, Guy Fitton. The trouble was that with her medical track record, she wasn’t sure if he’d see her as a sexy, desirable temptress or just a crazy, accident-prone woman, with a medical file so heavy it needed its own trolley.

Would Charlie get her “happy ever after” with Dr. Fitton or end up with the other significant male in her life, the pizza delivery guy?

While The Best Medicine is a standalone story, it’s the third in the Dilbury Village series of romantic comedy novels. All of them will be set in the quaint fictitious English hamlet in the Shropshire countryside, but feature a different village couples’ story.

Warning, if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to toilet humour, then the Dilbury Village series may not be for you!

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”Sometimes great love starts with friendship, Charlie. We all dream of that instant, all-consuming need and passion for someone, and to have that returned, but it’s rare to find that and have it last a lifetime. When the passion fades, great friendship is what will see you through the rest of your years.” 



I can’t get enough of the ”Dilbury Village” series. My hope is that Ms. Fallowfield will continue to write about this charming and quaint little town and the endearing characters who live there for the unforeseeable future. Each time I pick up one of these books, I feel like I’m getting the chance to spend time with some of my oldest and dearest friends. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep reiterating that it’s the friendships between these amazing women that play an equally pivotal role in the plot as the sweet and slow building romances. ”THE BEST MEDICINE” still has the author’s signature brand of humor throughout but for those of you who have read her previous books, you’ll notice that the potty humor is light in this one. I know that not everyone appreciates that kind of humor so this book will most definitely appeal to an even bigger reading audience. I loved the slow and angsty build to the sweet romance in this one and I guarantee that the Hero and Heroine will steal your hearts! This is a series that must be on everyone’s TBRs!



This is the story of the newest inhabitant of Dilbury Village. Charlie Faulkner is the sweet and beautiful romance author who has recently left her day job to pursue a full-time career as a writer. While she can write some of the steamiest love stories it seems life does not imitate art. She’s been single for the past two years and as the story progresses you begin to figure out that it’s her unrealistic view of romance that has kept her in the ”party of one” zone. Charlie is a character you’ll fall in love with instantly. She’s got the biggest heart and she goes out of her way to be there for the ones she loves. Her little cat, Ms. Tibbles, is a riot!! Just another reason why I love this series so much. The pets play a big role in the stories. Charlie is very much like the previous Heroines in the series in that she has a penchant for winding up in the most embarrassing situations due to her clumsiness which always has her winding up in the ER. The author indicates that all of the Heroine’s injuries are based on her real-life experiences. All I kept thinking was thank God this woman is still alive! Some of the accidents that happen to our sweet Charlie are seriously hair-raising! It is during her very first trip to the ER for a sprained ankle and broken wrist, that Charlie meets the object of her lustful fantasies, Dr. McFitton aka ”McFitty”. She spends almost the entire story crossing paths with him at the ER for the multitude of injuries that she has the misfortune of acquiring.



Charlie is a woman after my own heart. She’s a disaster in the kitchen and has an unhealthy obsession with pepperoni pizza. The local pizza place has her up there as their #1 customer. The first time she has pizza delivered to her house, she meets the sweet and charming pizza delivery man, Kitt. These two become fast friends. They make it a Friday night ritual to have pizza dinner together over at Charlie’s place while engaging in good conversation. I have to admit, at first, I was rooting for the doctor because I thought it was sexier to be romantically involved with him rather than the good looking pizza man. I was being judgmental when Charlie never thought poorly of Kitt’s profession. There’s a reason why he’s in the pizza delivery business and when you find out, it only makes Kitt that much more swoon-worthy.



Throughout the story, Kitt proves time and again that whenever Charlie is in need of someone to take care of her, he is there. I was soon rooting for Charlie to get her head out of her arse and see what she had standing right in front of her and so were all of her friends. Her cluelessness made for 100% of the angst, but even that didn’t stop me from loving her.

Will Charlie figure out what everyone else knew all along before it’s too late?

Here are my overall ratings:
Hero: 5
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5
Angst: 4
Steam: 3
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

THE BEST MEDICINE is currently available! If you haven’t read the series, I highly recommend it. Even though each book can be read as a standalone I really believe it would be a travesty to skip any of the books!

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REVIEW – THE GREAT ESCAPE (Dilbury Village #2) by Charlotte Fallowfield


A tropical beach paradise in Mexico was the last place Georgie Basset expected her decimated heart to be jump-started again, not after she’d been jilted the year before by her fiancé, leading to said breakage. But when she spotted Weston Argent jogging along the beach, all bronzed with ripped muscles like some Greek God out of a modern day Baywatch scene, she nearly choked on her cocktail. She knew immediately she was in trouble, she’d never reacted so strongly to a man on first glance.

However, after a disastrous first date with him, she headed back home to Dilbury, resigned to never seeing him again. That is, until Weston turned up unexpectedly at her dog grooming parlour with Bertie the French bulldog, a species she had a real weakness for. She couldn’t help but wonder if fate was playing a helping hand. But each time she saw him, their encounters never went smoothly, resulting in some mortifying and hilarious escapades. Despite their undeniable attraction, there was something about Weston that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, something that concerned her.

When the truth finally came to light, Georgie was convinced that all men were dogs, except she knew that was an insult to dogkind. Ever the meddler, her best friend, Abbie, intervened, knowing in her heart that despite what had happened, Weston was full of good intentions, and was undoubtedly Georgie’s Prince Charming.

The question remained, could he convince Georgie of that, or would he forever remain in the dog house?

While The Great Escape is a standalone story, it’s the second in the Dilbury Village series of romantic comedy novels. All of them will be set in the quaint fictitious English hamlet in the Shropshire countryside, but feature a different village couples’ story.

Warning, if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to toilet humour, then the Dilbury Village series may not be for you!

Charlotte Fallowfield’s novels have hit the Amazon #1 bestseller charts internationally for Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, and Humour. Her alter-ego, C.J. Fallowfield, has also hit the Amazon #1 bestseller charts internationally for Humorous Erotica, and Romance (English), multiple times.

*****Patty’s Review*****
*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}I’d never had a physical reaction to any man like that, which told me only one thing. A man like that spelled trouble with a capital T for me. If my judgment in men, relationships, and love was already impaired, I stood no chance of retaining any sense of reason around a man who made me dizzy with desire.



It’s time to take a trip back to my favorite little town in England called Dilbury Village. The quaint and picturesque town along with its inhabitants will endear themselves to your hearts. I feel as if these characters have become some of my closest friends. What I love most of all, even more than the sweet romances, is the bond of true and most loyal friendships that these amazing women share. Romantic comedies are definitely my first loves when it comes to my books and Charlotte Fallowfield’s insane brand of humor is what has me addicted to her stories and always leaves me craving for more. I simply can’t get enough of this warm-hearted and wildly hilarious series!! I devoured this book and when I finished, I was left feeling the tingly butterflies in my stomach that I get when I absolutely fell in love with the story. Get ready to be swept away by the sweet and touching romance between Georgie Bassett and Weston Argent!

If you read NEVER THE BRIDE then you will remember Georgie, the dog groomer who was also Abbie’s best friend. Towards the end of that story, they had taken a holiday in the Mayan Riviera as Abbie tried to sort out her feelings for Miller. While on this getaway it was hinted that Georgie might have found a romance of her own. So in book two, the story starts with the two friends embarking on that trip to Mexico. Now we get to witness the romance between Georgie and Weston unfold before our eyes. It’s filled with many hilarious and embarrassing moments because of course these women are fated to be thrown into some ridiculously funny situations.



While lounging out in front of their private villa, Georgie happens to see a mouth-wateringly gorgeous man with an insane body, running up the beach almost at the same time about twice a day. She’s completely smitten but also extremely shy. She tries to hide her fascination over this man because she’s never had luck with men who get her pulse racing. Georgie gets extremely nervous and tongue tied. Abbie forces her to make her move as their holiday is nearing its end. Luckily when her attempts at flirting with Weston seem to be painfully awkward, Abbie steps in and gets the two to agree on going out to dinner. The date starts off rocky and of course, Georgie encounters a few mishaps which have her convinced that she’s a walking disaster but somehow it seems that Weston is very much interested in her as she is in him.

It turns out that Weston lives a few towns over from Georgie and they plan on meeting up once they’re both back home, but Weston takes nearly two weeks to give her a call and this has Georgie’s deep fears coming to the surface. She had her heartbroken by her last boyfriend when she caught him cheating on her. It’s been nearly two years since that relationship ended but it’s left a negative impact on her psyche. When she does some soul searching she realizes that what she had with her ex was just comfortable companionship and that the feelings she has for Weston have the potential of being the real thing. He excites her like no other man has before and this scares her because if he breaks her heart she may never recover from it. So Georgie puts up her defenses and lets Weston know that she’s not ready for anything serious just yet and that they need to ease into whatever it is that’s building between them, at a slow pace.

Things are wonderful between them when they are together but Georgie is bothered deep down by Weston’s inability to share everything about his personal life with her. Weston served in the British Army for eleven years and suffers from PTSD. He is unable to open up about what happened while he was in the armed forces and it actually caused the breakup between him and his ex-fiancé. Georgie vows to never push him to share more than he is able to but as time goes on and her heart becomes fully entwined with this man, she starts to slowly resent that she’s never met his friends, family, or even seen where he lives. Any woman would start to feel as if maybe the man she loves isn’t fully invested in their relationship if they were in Georgie’s shoes.



Aside from the angst and ooey gooey hearts and flowers romance in this story, the friendship between these amazing women of Dilbury Village kept me thoroughly entertained and at times howling from belly aching laughter. I want so much for these ladies to be real and to somehow be my friends too!! Georgie may be my favorite heroine so far in this series because she’s such a huge dog lover and her bond with the cute little French bulldog, Bertie, just tugged at my heart strings!! She’s also such an amazing friend to be there for Abbie during some of her most mortifying moments. I don’t know many friends that would be that loyal and caring. This is definitely a series that is equally focused on the friendships as it is on the romances.

If you’re in need of a lighthearted and humorous romance, then look no further. Take a trip to Dilbury Village. I guarantee you will be wishing you could move there and live amongst these loveable characters.

THE GREAT ESCAPE releases on August 31st!! One-click it, you won’t be disappointed!


REVIEW – NEVER THE BRIDE (Dilbury Village #1) by Charlotte Fallowfield



From Charlotte Fallowfield, bestselling rom-com author, comes Never The Bride – A laugh out loud romantic comedy novel full of heart-warming friendships, romance, and quintessential British humour – Coming 28th February 2017.

Available to pre-order from Amazon now!

Abbie Carter felt doomed as she clutched her bouquet and started walking up the aisle. Again. She felt like she was stuck in some kind of Groundhog Day wedding nightmare. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Eight dresses, most of them hideous, were already stuffed in her attic space. She had more bridesmaid dresses than relationships. Was she really that unlucky in love? She despaired of ever finding her soul mate and was convinced that if she packed away dress thirteen in her attic, she’d never get to wear the coveted white one and have her happy ever after.

That was until she locked eyes with one of the handsome ushers, whose wink turned her elegant and well-practiced glide up the aisle into a flailing Bambi-on-ice spectacle. Miller Davis was the first man in forever to make her heart skip a beat, as well as her legs turn to jelly. And, for once, her interest in a man didn’t seem to be one-sided. It was just a shame that the Atlantic Ocean separated them. Abbie couldn’t even make a relationship with her elderly fat pooch, Sumo, work, so what chance did she have with a permanent New Yorker? Her best friend, Georgie, told her to ignore the miles that separated her from Miller and to go for it, saying that true love knew no bounds.

Was Abbie fated to always be the bridesmaid, or would her wish for the perfect day with the man of her dreams ever come true?

While Never The Bride will be a standalone story, it’s the first in the Dilbury Village series of romantic comedy novels. All of them will be set in the quaint fictitious English hamlet in the Shropshire countryside, but feature a different village couples’ story.


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”I can’t explain it, Abbie. The moment I saw you, it was like I was looking at a missing part of myself. Like I’ve been alone all of my life, and suddenly I wasn’t anymore.”



I’m ready to pack my bags and my dog, and relocate to Dilbury Village!! I want to live in this quaint little town with all of its lovable and quirky citizens, but minus all the POO!! I don’t think I’ve ever read a story with so many references to farts and poo, as NEVER THE BRIDE, and believe me when I say that I definitely have a good laugh over bathroom humor, but there was just a teensy bit too much of it here, HOWEVER, I still LOVED and enjoyed this story so much! Get ready to fall in love with a new set of endearing characters who we will all get to spend time with as there are more installments to come!!

Abbie Carter is a silly but sweet young woman who has a tendency to land herself in the most embarrassing circumstances which always end up happening in front of an audience! She is a walking train wreck, but she has such a huge heart and is adored by her close friends. Abbie has been the bridesmaid in quite a few weddings, but her prospects in the romance department have been depressingly non-existent. That is until she lays eyes on a stunningly handsome gentleman at the current wedding she is a bridesmaid for and ends up landing in his arms due to her inability to walk since her vision is blurred by hearts and flowers. The best man is Miller Davis, an American from New York City. He’s also been struck by cupid’s arrow as well. There is this magnetic force that is pulling these two together and oh how my heart got swept away by their cross-continental romance!!




Sadly, they spend a lot of time apart, since Miller owns a huge software gaming company and needs to be back in NYC to run his business, and Abbie’s life is deeply anchored with her adorable but gassy bulldog, Sumo, and her delightful and cherished friends in Dilbury. She lives in the cottage her father left to her when he passed away. It is her last connection to him and there’s no way she could ever imagine leaving it or the people she has come to love so dearly. This becomes an annoying road block for the couple. Neither is willing to make a compromise. Abbie believes Miller doesn’t love her enough because he refuses to move to Dilbury. Seeing as he was an orphan and has no family, she doesn’t understand why he can’t pick up and move. Miller, having grown up in foster care his entire life, has huge abandonment issues and sees Abbie’s unwillingness to move to NYC as proof that she’s not as into the relationship as he is. So the two continue throughout the story to act like complete jackasses. I wanted to shake the both of them.




But throughout the story, there are so many hilarious moments to be had due to Abbie’s unfortunate mishaps! I loved all the scenes with her bulldog, Sumo and all of the hi-jinx that occurred with her bestie Georgie and all of the unfortunate incidents that occurred at the many weddings that take place within the pages of this book! There was never a dull moment to be had. I laughed throughout and ok, I even cringed from embarrassment for poor Abbie! But along with the laughs, there were times my heart broke and tears were shed several times as well.

I am so in love with Charlotte Fallowfield’s writing style and am extremely excited about this fabulous series. Knowing that there is so much more to come, makes me so happy but the wait for book two is going to be excruciating!!

NEVER THE BRIDE is currently available. If you enjoy RomComs with swoony Heroes and a plethora of belly aching inducing laugh out loud moments, this is a story you should not pass up!!





*****Dee’s Review*****

3.5 Very Funny Stars****

Once you start reading Never The Bride you will enter a world of pure laughter that will be very hard to leave behind. You will want to stay in the quaint Dilbury Village, and follow along with the lives of its charming residents.


Abbie Carter; twenty-eight, accountant, mother of a grumpy furry baby Sumo, and a forever bridesmaid.

Abbie has been unlucky in love, she has been down the aisle about eight times but always wearing a bridesmaid dress. She is a romantic at heart and wants to find her own Prince charming, and her very own happily ever after, like her parents had. In one of the weddings she attended amidst another disaster caused by her clumsiness, she’s caught the eye of the best man; a gorgeous American man that is able to turn her into a mess with just one look.

Miller Davis has been alone all his life. After being abandoned by his family he grew up with a goal in mind, to make something big of himself. He’s succeeded, now as an adult, he is a mogul in the video game industry and one of the most desirable bachelors in New York. From the moment he sets eyes on Abbie wearing her monstrous bridesmaid dress, he is completely turned on by her, and the more he talks to her, the more he wants to stay by her side forever. The problem is Abbie and Miller live on two different continents and it seems like the timing is never on their side.

Will Abbie and Miller be able to figure out a plan to let love into their lives?

I was laughing out loud with Abbie Carter. What a terrific character. Colorful, humble and totally relatable. This is a rom-com story that I’m sure everybody will enjoy.

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REVIEW – UNTIL WE COLLIDE by Charlotte Fallowfield




“This is Brit rom-com at its finest. Fans of Bridget Jones will love this.” – TotallyBooked Blog

An Amazon UK and international bestselling romantic comedy novel.

What do you do when the guy you’re in love with is seeing someone else?

That’s the dilemma facing Paige Taylor. All of her life she’s only ever had eyes for the gorgeous Alec Wright, but despite their undeniable chemistry, their timing has always been off. Fast approaching her thirtieth birthday, Paige despairs of ever finding love and a happy ever after. Her best friend Poppie tells her that she can either watch life pass her by, or grab it with both hands. She convinces Paige to throw herself back into the dating pool, or she could be waiting for Alec forever.

What Paige didn’t expect was the catalogue of dating disasters to follow. A neck brace, jelly fish, stitches, flashing and an encounter with a gorilla were some of the most memorable. Despite some downright hilarious, humiliating and cringe worthy dates, her biological clock is ticking and Paige is determined to keep trying until she finds the one.

Was Alec Wright always her Mr. Right, or is he still out there waiting to be found?

Join Paige in her quest to find the ultimate prize. Love.

Charlotte Fallowfield’s alter-ego, C.J. Fallowfield, is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of humorous erotic romance novels.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

My hands started shaking, my heart was racing, and my stomach fluttered as I drank him in. I was going to be in love with this man until I took my last breath, there was no point fighting it.


I am a really huge Rom/Com lover and consider myself so lucky to have been offered an arc of this lovely book. My biggest regret is that I took so long to get to it but I’m so happy that I finally got the chance to read it. UNTIL WE COLLIDE was an utterly delightful story with the most lovable Heroine and beyond swoon worthy Hero! I have found a new author to stalk because after having read this book that I consider perfection, Charlotte Fallowfield has now become an automatic must read for me.

UNTIL WE COLLIDE could be categorized as a friends-to-lovers & second chance romance story. Although I have to advise that the relationship between Paige and Alec spans over thirteen years. Thirteen years of never being on the same wavelength. Thirteen years of seemingly unrequited love! My heart hurt for these two time and time again.




Paige and Alec meet when they are both members of Shropshire’s Young Farmers Club. Paige was only seventeen when she fell hard for the beautiful Alec Wright, who was four years older than her. But at the time he was dating a really horrible girl who took pleasure in being cruel, especially towards Paige. On her senior prom night, Paige’s best friend, Poppie, sets her up with someone. To Paige’s utter surprise and delight, her mystery date turns out to be Alec. He’s finally single and has had a crush on Paige since he first met her at the YFC, even though she is a hopeless clutz who has a tendency to wind up being center stage during highly embarrassing moments. The girl actually had the misfortune of being showered in cow poo during a club competition. But just as things seem to be starting between them a once in a lifetime job opportunity is given to Paige which will take her to a different country, far from London, where Alec is going to be starting his career in photography. So the two end up going their separate ways and what could have been a truly special romance ends before it even had a chance to get started.

Three years later, Paige is back home and on a whim she goes to London to apply for a modeling job. She had run into Alec once while she was visiting her parents and he had suggested that she become a model. Paige ends up getting the job because of her look and also due to the fact that the owner of the agency happens to be a very close friend of Alec’s. She soon runs into Alec once again. Three years have passed but the feelings she has for him are still strong, but Alec is moving to New York and has a girlfriend, which totally breaks Paige’s heart. They do manage to remain friends and Alec even rents out his London apartment to her and Poppie.


Funnily Dressed Chihuahua for Cold Weather

For the next ten years, these two will never get it right. When Paige is single and wanting to give it another go with Alec, he will be involved with another woman, and when Alec is available then Paige isn’t. I nearly lost my mind!! You can’t help but root for these two to finally get their acts together. Ten years they waste being involved with the wrong people. Living in complete denial. How they both couldn’t see that they were perfect for each other, was beyond me!! Paige does get involved with a series of losers and ends up in more than one embarrassing situation, which had me in stitches!! The poor girl never seemed to catch a break.

UNTIL WE COLLIDE was a truly enjoyable read, filled with a ton of hilarious moments and has one of the most endearing heroines that will steal your hearts! This book is a hidden treasure that deserves to be shared by all!! I HIGHLY recommend this one!! You will not be disappointed.

Amazon Link –



*****Dee’s Review*****



I had a blast reading Until We Collide. A sweet romance that had me laughing from beginning to end. This is the exact kind of book I love to read, one that was designed to make people happy. Full of romance, angst, and laughs, Until We Collide is a true gem of a read.




Paige Taylor has had feelings for her friend Alec Wright for a long time. Since he gave her, her first kiss, he also took ownership of her heart. Their romance was brief but powerful, life took them in completely opposite directions. Work, relationships, and great distances have made impossible timing for Alec and Paige to be together.

Throughout the years Alec and Paige run into each other. He becomes a very successful fashion photographer and Paige, even if it’s by accident becomes a highly sought out model in the same industry. They have some of the same friends and run in the same circles, and every time they run into each other, the chemistry is always amazing but timing is never on their side. All this creates a pattern that leaves one, or both of them feeling broken hearted.




Paige’s best friend Poppie has been witness of her friend’s mishaps with love, and in order to finally put an end to all the sad stories, she convinces Paige to start dating and try to move on from Alec.

Paige is a clumsy girl; she’s always tripping, falling or running into places, people, and things. And when it comes to love she is no different. We experience with Paige her hilarious and unbelievable journey as she goes from bad dates to worse dates ever!!!

Her friendship with Poppie is the one thing throughout the years Paige can always count on. At the end of each heartbreak and each disaster, her friend is there with wine, ice cream, and a way to make her laugh again as Paige tries to forget the love of her life by dating other guys.




Every character in this story was perfection. Of course, they all had flaws and that is what makes this book so relatable and easy to read. This author created a story that was truly magical. It wasn’t all about the love, it was also about a girl who struggled with body image issues, career decisions, money problems, or bad dates, just like any of us might struggle too in our daily lives. But she always had a laugh at the end of it all. And that was my favorite thing about this book.

If you are looking for a perfectly executed romantic comedy, that has angst, love, and amazing characters, look no further, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! I promise it’s not an overly sweet, silly romance. If I had read this book when it first came out, it would have most definitely made my top ten favorite list of the year. I’m really looking forward to reading more books from this author in the future.