REVIEW – UNTIL WE COLLIDE by Charlotte Fallowfield




“This is Brit rom-com at its finest. Fans of Bridget Jones will love this.” – TotallyBooked Blog

An Amazon UK and international bestselling romantic comedy novel.

What do you do when the guy you’re in love with is seeing someone else?

That’s the dilemma facing Paige Taylor. All of her life she’s only ever had eyes for the gorgeous Alec Wright, but despite their undeniable chemistry, their timing has always been off. Fast approaching her thirtieth birthday, Paige despairs of ever finding love and a happy ever after. Her best friend Poppie tells her that she can either watch life pass her by, or grab it with both hands. She convinces Paige to throw herself back into the dating pool, or she could be waiting for Alec forever.

What Paige didn’t expect was the catalogue of dating disasters to follow. A neck brace, jelly fish, stitches, flashing and an encounter with a gorilla were some of the most memorable. Despite some downright hilarious, humiliating and cringe worthy dates, her biological clock is ticking and Paige is determined to keep trying until she finds the one.

Was Alec Wright always her Mr. Right, or is he still out there waiting to be found?

Join Paige in her quest to find the ultimate prize. Love.

Charlotte Fallowfield’s alter-ego, C.J. Fallowfield, is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of humorous erotic romance novels.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

My hands started shaking, my heart was racing, and my stomach fluttered as I drank him in. I was going to be in love with this man until I took my last breath, there was no point fighting it.


I am a really huge Rom/Com lover and consider myself so lucky to have been offered an arc of this lovely book. My biggest regret is that I took so long to get to it but I’m so happy that I finally got the chance to read it. UNTIL WE COLLIDE was an utterly delightful story with the most lovable Heroine and beyond swoon worthy Hero! I have found a new author to stalk because after having read this book that I consider perfection, Charlotte Fallowfield has now become an automatic must read for me.

UNTIL WE COLLIDE could be categorized as a friends-to-lovers & second chance romance story. Although I have to advise that the relationship between Paige and Alec spans over thirteen years. Thirteen years of never being on the same wavelength. Thirteen years of seemingly unrequited love! My heart hurt for these two time and time again.




Paige and Alec meet when they are both members of Shropshire’s Young Farmers Club. Paige was only seventeen when she fell hard for the beautiful Alec Wright, who was four years older than her. But at the time he was dating a really horrible girl who took pleasure in being cruel, especially towards Paige. On her senior prom night, Paige’s best friend, Poppie, sets her up with someone. To Paige’s utter surprise and delight, her mystery date turns out to be Alec. He’s finally single and has had a crush on Paige since he first met her at the YFC, even though she is a hopeless clutz who has a tendency to wind up being center stage during highly embarrassing moments. The girl actually had the misfortune of being showered in cow poo during a club competition. But just as things seem to be starting between them a once in a lifetime job opportunity is given to Paige which will take her to a different country, far from London, where Alec is going to be starting his career in photography. So the two end up going their separate ways and what could have been a truly special romance ends before it even had a chance to get started.

Three years later, Paige is back home and on a whim she goes to London to apply for a modeling job. She had run into Alec once while she was visiting her parents and he had suggested that she become a model. Paige ends up getting the job because of her look and also due to the fact that the owner of the agency happens to be a very close friend of Alec’s. She soon runs into Alec once again. Three years have passed but the feelings she has for him are still strong, but Alec is moving to New York and has a girlfriend, which totally breaks Paige’s heart. They do manage to remain friends and Alec even rents out his London apartment to her and Poppie.


Funnily Dressed Chihuahua for Cold Weather

For the next ten years, these two will never get it right. When Paige is single and wanting to give it another go with Alec, he will be involved with another woman, and when Alec is available then Paige isn’t. I nearly lost my mind!! You can’t help but root for these two to finally get their acts together. Ten years they waste being involved with the wrong people. Living in complete denial. How they both couldn’t see that they were perfect for each other, was beyond me!! Paige does get involved with a series of losers and ends up in more than one embarrassing situation, which had me in stitches!! The poor girl never seemed to catch a break.

UNTIL WE COLLIDE was a truly enjoyable read, filled with a ton of hilarious moments and has one of the most endearing heroines that will steal your hearts! This book is a hidden treasure that deserves to be shared by all!! I HIGHLY recommend this one!! You will not be disappointed.

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*****Dee’s Review*****



I had a blast reading Until We Collide. A sweet romance that had me laughing from beginning to end. This is the exact kind of book I love to read, one that was designed to make people happy. Full of romance, angst, and laughs, Until We Collide is a true gem of a read.




Paige Taylor has had feelings for her friend Alec Wright for a long time. Since he gave her, her first kiss, he also took ownership of her heart. Their romance was brief but powerful, life took them in completely opposite directions. Work, relationships, and great distances have made impossible timing for Alec and Paige to be together.

Throughout the years Alec and Paige run into each other. He becomes a very successful fashion photographer and Paige, even if it’s by accident becomes a highly sought out model in the same industry. They have some of the same friends and run in the same circles, and every time they run into each other, the chemistry is always amazing but timing is never on their side. All this creates a pattern that leaves one, or both of them feeling broken hearted.




Paige’s best friend Poppie has been witness of her friend’s mishaps with love, and in order to finally put an end to all the sad stories, she convinces Paige to start dating and try to move on from Alec.

Paige is a clumsy girl; she’s always tripping, falling or running into places, people, and things. And when it comes to love she is no different. We experience with Paige her hilarious and unbelievable journey as she goes from bad dates to worse dates ever!!!

Her friendship with Poppie is the one thing throughout the years Paige can always count on. At the end of each heartbreak and each disaster, her friend is there with wine, ice cream, and a way to make her laugh again as Paige tries to forget the love of her life by dating other guys.




Every character in this story was perfection. Of course, they all had flaws and that is what makes this book so relatable and easy to read. This author created a story that was truly magical. It wasn’t all about the love, it was also about a girl who struggled with body image issues, career decisions, money problems, or bad dates, just like any of us might struggle too in our daily lives. But she always had a laugh at the end of it all. And that was my favorite thing about this book.

If you are looking for a perfectly executed romantic comedy, that has angst, love, and amazing characters, look no further, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! I promise it’s not an overly sweet, silly romance. If I had read this book when it first came out, it would have most definitely made my top ten favorite list of the year. I’m really looking forward to reading more books from this author in the future.

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