LIVE – THE BEST MEDICINE (Dilbury Village #3) by Charlotte Fallowfield


“The story is amazing and the characters are wonderful and hilarious.” The Next Great Read.

A laugh-out-loud novel from Charlotte Fallowfield, whose books have hit the Amazon #1 bestseller charts internationally for Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, and Humour.

Release date 28th February 2018.

Despite being a successful author of risqué romance novels, Charlie Faulkner had yet to star in her own love story. Drowning her sorrows in takeaway pizza, and at risk of getting wedged in her favourite writing chair, she despaired of ever finding the kind of all-consuming love that she wrote about in her books.

When she did venture out of her writing cave, chaos and disaster followed, with many a trip to the emergency room of the local hospital. It was there she fell head over heels for the handsome doctor who often treated her, Guy Fitton. The trouble was that with her medical track record, she wasn’t sure if he’d see her as a sexy, desirable temptress or just a crazy, accident-prone woman, with a medical file so heavy it needed its own trolley.

Would Charlie get her “happy ever after” with Dr. Fitton or end up with the other significant male in her life, the pizza delivery guy?

While The Best Medicine is a standalone story, it’s the third in the Dilbury Village series of romantic comedy novels. All of them will be set in the quaint fictitious English hamlet in the Shropshire countryside, but feature a different village couples’ story.

Warning, if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to toilet humour, then the Dilbury Village series may not be for you!

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”Sometimes great love starts with friendship, Charlie. We all dream of that instant, all-consuming need and passion for someone, and to have that returned, but it’s rare to find that and have it last a lifetime. When the passion fades, great friendship is what will see you through the rest of your years.” 



I can’t get enough of the ”Dilbury Village” series. My hope is that Ms. Fallowfield will continue to write about this charming and quaint little town and the endearing characters who live there for the unforeseeable future. Each time I pick up one of these books, I feel like I’m getting the chance to spend time with some of my oldest and dearest friends. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep reiterating that it’s the friendships between these amazing women that play an equally pivotal role in the plot as the sweet and slow building romances. ”THE BEST MEDICINE” still has the author’s signature brand of humor throughout but for those of you who have read her previous books, you’ll notice that the potty humor is light in this one. I know that not everyone appreciates that kind of humor so this book will most definitely appeal to an even bigger reading audience. I loved the slow and angsty build to the sweet romance in this one and I guarantee that the Hero and Heroine will steal your hearts! This is a series that must be on everyone’s TBRs!



This is the story of the newest inhabitant of Dilbury Village. Charlie Faulkner is the sweet and beautiful romance author who has recently left her day job to pursue a full-time career as a writer. While she can write some of the steamiest love stories it seems life does not imitate art. She’s been single for the past two years and as the story progresses you begin to figure out that it’s her unrealistic view of romance that has kept her in the ”party of one” zone. Charlie is a character you’ll fall in love with instantly. She’s got the biggest heart and she goes out of her way to be there for the ones she loves. Her little cat, Ms. Tibbles, is a riot!! Just another reason why I love this series so much. The pets play a big role in the stories. Charlie is very much like the previous Heroines in the series in that she has a penchant for winding up in the most embarrassing situations due to her clumsiness which always has her winding up in the ER. The author indicates that all of the Heroine’s injuries are based on her real-life experiences. All I kept thinking was thank God this woman is still alive! Some of the accidents that happen to our sweet Charlie are seriously hair-raising! It is during her very first trip to the ER for a sprained ankle and broken wrist, that Charlie meets the object of her lustful fantasies, Dr. McFitton aka ”McFitty”. She spends almost the entire story crossing paths with him at the ER for the multitude of injuries that she has the misfortune of acquiring.



Charlie is a woman after my own heart. She’s a disaster in the kitchen and has an unhealthy obsession with pepperoni pizza. The local pizza place has her up there as their #1 customer. The first time she has pizza delivered to her house, she meets the sweet and charming pizza delivery man, Kitt. These two become fast friends. They make it a Friday night ritual to have pizza dinner together over at Charlie’s place while engaging in good conversation. I have to admit, at first, I was rooting for the doctor because I thought it was sexier to be romantically involved with him rather than the good looking pizza man. I was being judgmental when Charlie never thought poorly of Kitt’s profession. There’s a reason why he’s in the pizza delivery business and when you find out, it only makes Kitt that much more swoon-worthy.



Throughout the story, Kitt proves time and again that whenever Charlie is in need of someone to take care of her, he is there. I was soon rooting for Charlie to get her head out of her arse and see what she had standing right in front of her and so were all of her friends. Her cluelessness made for 100% of the angst, but even that didn’t stop me from loving her.

Will Charlie figure out what everyone else knew all along before it’s too late?

Here are my overall ratings:
Hero: 5
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5
Angst: 4
Steam: 3
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

THE BEST MEDICINE is currently available! If you haven’t read the series, I highly recommend it. Even though each book can be read as a standalone I really believe it would be a travesty to skip any of the books!

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