REVIEW – THE GREAT ESCAPE (Dilbury Village #2) by Charlotte Fallowfield


A tropical beach paradise in Mexico was the last place Georgie Basset expected her decimated heart to be jump-started again, not after she’d been jilted the year before by her fiancé, leading to said breakage. But when she spotted Weston Argent jogging along the beach, all bronzed with ripped muscles like some Greek God out of a modern day Baywatch scene, she nearly choked on her cocktail. She knew immediately she was in trouble, she’d never reacted so strongly to a man on first glance.

However, after a disastrous first date with him, she headed back home to Dilbury, resigned to never seeing him again. That is, until Weston turned up unexpectedly at her dog grooming parlour with Bertie the French bulldog, a species she had a real weakness for. She couldn’t help but wonder if fate was playing a helping hand. But each time she saw him, their encounters never went smoothly, resulting in some mortifying and hilarious escapades. Despite their undeniable attraction, there was something about Weston that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, something that concerned her.

When the truth finally came to light, Georgie was convinced that all men were dogs, except she knew that was an insult to dogkind. Ever the meddler, her best friend, Abbie, intervened, knowing in her heart that despite what had happened, Weston was full of good intentions, and was undoubtedly Georgie’s Prince Charming.

The question remained, could he convince Georgie of that, or would he forever remain in the dog house?

While The Great Escape is a standalone story, it’s the second in the Dilbury Village series of romantic comedy novels. All of them will be set in the quaint fictitious English hamlet in the Shropshire countryside, but feature a different village couples’ story.

Warning, if you are of a sensitive disposition when it comes to toilet humour, then the Dilbury Village series may not be for you!

Charlotte Fallowfield’s novels have hit the Amazon #1 bestseller charts internationally for Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, and Humour. Her alter-ego, C.J. Fallowfield, has also hit the Amazon #1 bestseller charts internationally for Humorous Erotica, and Romance (English), multiple times.

*****Patty’s Review*****
*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}I’d never had a physical reaction to any man like that, which told me only one thing. A man like that spelled trouble with a capital T for me. If my judgment in men, relationships, and love was already impaired, I stood no chance of retaining any sense of reason around a man who made me dizzy with desire.



It’s time to take a trip back to my favorite little town in England called Dilbury Village. The quaint and picturesque town along with its inhabitants will endear themselves to your hearts. I feel as if these characters have become some of my closest friends. What I love most of all, even more than the sweet romances, is the bond of true and most loyal friendships that these amazing women share. Romantic comedies are definitely my first loves when it comes to my books and Charlotte Fallowfield’s insane brand of humor is what has me addicted to her stories and always leaves me craving for more. I simply can’t get enough of this warm-hearted and wildly hilarious series!! I devoured this book and when I finished, I was left feeling the tingly butterflies in my stomach that I get when I absolutely fell in love with the story. Get ready to be swept away by the sweet and touching romance between Georgie Bassett and Weston Argent!

If you read NEVER THE BRIDE then you will remember Georgie, the dog groomer who was also Abbie’s best friend. Towards the end of that story, they had taken a holiday in the Mayan Riviera as Abbie tried to sort out her feelings for Miller. While on this getaway it was hinted that Georgie might have found a romance of her own. So in book two, the story starts with the two friends embarking on that trip to Mexico. Now we get to witness the romance between Georgie and Weston unfold before our eyes. It’s filled with many hilarious and embarrassing moments because of course these women are fated to be thrown into some ridiculously funny situations.



While lounging out in front of their private villa, Georgie happens to see a mouth-wateringly gorgeous man with an insane body, running up the beach almost at the same time about twice a day. She’s completely smitten but also extremely shy. She tries to hide her fascination over this man because she’s never had luck with men who get her pulse racing. Georgie gets extremely nervous and tongue tied. Abbie forces her to make her move as their holiday is nearing its end. Luckily when her attempts at flirting with Weston seem to be painfully awkward, Abbie steps in and gets the two to agree on going out to dinner. The date starts off rocky and of course, Georgie encounters a few mishaps which have her convinced that she’s a walking disaster but somehow it seems that Weston is very much interested in her as she is in him.

It turns out that Weston lives a few towns over from Georgie and they plan on meeting up once they’re both back home, but Weston takes nearly two weeks to give her a call and this has Georgie’s deep fears coming to the surface. She had her heartbroken by her last boyfriend when she caught him cheating on her. It’s been nearly two years since that relationship ended but it’s left a negative impact on her psyche. When she does some soul searching she realizes that what she had with her ex was just comfortable companionship and that the feelings she has for Weston have the potential of being the real thing. He excites her like no other man has before and this scares her because if he breaks her heart she may never recover from it. So Georgie puts up her defenses and lets Weston know that she’s not ready for anything serious just yet and that they need to ease into whatever it is that’s building between them, at a slow pace.

Things are wonderful between them when they are together but Georgie is bothered deep down by Weston’s inability to share everything about his personal life with her. Weston served in the British Army for eleven years and suffers from PTSD. He is unable to open up about what happened while he was in the armed forces and it actually caused the breakup between him and his ex-fiancé. Georgie vows to never push him to share more than he is able to but as time goes on and her heart becomes fully entwined with this man, she starts to slowly resent that she’s never met his friends, family, or even seen where he lives. Any woman would start to feel as if maybe the man she loves isn’t fully invested in their relationship if they were in Georgie’s shoes.



Aside from the angst and ooey gooey hearts and flowers romance in this story, the friendship between these amazing women of Dilbury Village kept me thoroughly entertained and at times howling from belly aching laughter. I want so much for these ladies to be real and to somehow be my friends too!! Georgie may be my favorite heroine so far in this series because she’s such a huge dog lover and her bond with the cute little French bulldog, Bertie, just tugged at my heart strings!! She’s also such an amazing friend to be there for Abbie during some of her most mortifying moments. I don’t know many friends that would be that loyal and caring. This is definitely a series that is equally focused on the friendships as it is on the romances.

If you’re in need of a lighthearted and humorous romance, then look no further. Take a trip to Dilbury Village. I guarantee you will be wishing you could move there and live amongst these loveable characters.

THE GREAT ESCAPE releases on August 31st!! One-click it, you won’t be disappointed!


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