Review – “Unlikely Love” by Riann C. Miller

*****Dee’s Review*****

****4 Only You Stars****

(ARC kindly provided by Author)

(BR with Mel <3)

This is the debut novel for author Riann C. Miller. She wrote a lovely second chance love story that I enjoyed very much. Both Mel and I agreed that it was a very sweet read and has made us very excited about what’s more to come from this author


This book is a standalone story that has two parts. In the first half we meet a young Nikole aka Kole, freshly moved to LA after the death of her mother and step dad. She’s mysteriously gotten a full scholarship to UCLA and has decided to move into the dorms before school even starts to get a feel for the city that will be her new home. Kole gets a job at a local coffee shop where she meets gorgeous Adam. LA is Adam’s home town, and he’s there for the summer before he goes back to Stanford to resume his studies and the life plans his controlling father has laid out for him.

Adam has always been a player because women simply can’t resist him, so when he meets the beautiful and innocent Kole he wants to put his moves on her. b
But she is more than the naïve girl she seems, and will make him word hard for it. Once they start going out a powerful feeling takes over their hearts and this Unlikely Love will make them forget about everything and everyone; nothing else matters when they are together . Unfortunately Adam’s father and Kole’s past will interfere and destroy everything Adam and Kole had planned, changing the direction of their lives forever.


The second part is set twelve years later. Adam’s father has died and on the wake of his death, Adam’s mother has found a very important secret that had been buried but has now resurfaced, forcing Adam to go looking for the girl who broke his heart all those years ago.

Kole is not the same innocent girl she once was, the hardships of life have transformed her into a strong woman who doesn’t take crap from anybody. What I loved about Kole’s character the most, was that she wasn’t jaded or bitter about love in any way. She’s used the pain from her past to better her future. But her sweet essence hasn’t changed, even after the love of her life shattered her heart.

When Adam and Kole come face to face again, so many different emotions will erupt between them. But one thing has remained the same, even after all the time and distance; their Unlikely Love is as strong and alive as before.

This story was romantic and had a good dose of angst. I would definitely recommend this book and I’m hoping we get more from this author soon… (Jett’s story, please)

My Unlikely Love music playlist:
*Extraordinary by Prince Royce
*Love You Crazy by Mikky Ekko
*Scarecrow by Alex & Sierra
*Are You With Me by Suzan & Freek

*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 “It’s You. It’s Only You I Want.” Stars!
(BR with Dee)

-“Always ask yourself if you’ll be able to live with the decision you’re making.”


Nikole Castro aka Kole grew up in a small town in Kansas. She always wanted to escape her small town, and her opportunity comes when she receives a full scholarship to UCLA. Eighteen & on her own, Kole heads to LA to start this new chapter in her life.


Kole gets settled into her dorm & finds a job at a local coffee shop. Soon she meets a gorgeous guy named Adam Lane. Adam is home for the summer to visit his family and hang out with friends before he starts back at Stanford. He has two more years of college before he starts working for the family company he will one day take over. He comes from a very wealthy family & has a lot of pressure & expectations put on him. He just wants to kick back & relax for the summer, & have some fun.


Adam is all about variety when it comes to the ladies, until he meets the beautiful blonde named Kole at the coffee shop him & his friends hang out at. He pursues her and quickly realizes he’s never felt this way before about a girl. He knows she’s special & he wants her to be his. He’s absolutely crazy about her & the feeling is mutual!


-I don’t think it’s possible that I’ll ever want another guy the way I want you.”

-Those magnificent eyes would always be my downfall.

-I knew in my heart that this man was made for me.


Things get serious pretty fast for this couple, and just as quickly they crumble. They are apart for twelve years over a misunderstanding until circumstances bring them back together. They have both changed a lot, but still are in love with each other. This was a fabulous story about second chance romance. I can’t wait to read more from this author! I need me some Jet next! ;))


-What I feel for you, I’ve never felt for anyone before.

-“I’m discovering how much I enjoy putting that beautiful smile on your face. I’m hoping you allow me more opportunities to do so.”

-“Deep down I knew you were meant to be mine, and so that means I’ve always been yours.”

-You’re the only woman my heart has ever wanted.

-You have my heart and you always will.

The Ground Rules (The Ground Rules Trilogy, #1) by Roya Carmen

Dee’s Review

**** 4.5 Fascinating Stars*****


This is the kind of book that will get under your skin, take over you mind and prevent you from doing or thinking about anything else for the duration of the read. Just WOW!!!!!!

Gabe and Mirella have been together a long time. They were high school sweethearts and now are married with children. Their lives are busy with work and raising their two beautiful girls. They don’t have much time for dates or adult time but their sex life is very active because even after eighteen years, these two still have the hots for each other.

One night, Gabe and Mirella manage to get away to enjoy dinner and a show, and while waiting for their table at the restaurant, they meet a very intriguing couple. Both husband and wife are gorgeous and smart and the four of them clicked right away. Weston and Bridget Hanson want more than a friendship with Mirella and Gabe. They want to share a sexual experience where they date each other’s spouse. An open marriage arrangement where the four participants agree and play by the rules.

1. Don’t sleep around.

2. Don’t kiss and tell.

3. Be nice.

4. Don’t text or call.

5. Don’t fall in love.

The rules were simple…until they weren’t.

They say rules are meant to be broken but when any of these people try to change the game, there will be consequences. Will they be ready to accept them?

I loved how unique and real this book felt. It is told from Mirella’s POV, and I thought that was a brilliant move on the author’s part, because she was the most approachable character of them all and it made me feel that much closer to the story. I cannot wait to read the next two books in this trilogy. Even though this first book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, there’s still a lot of questions that were left unanswered and I would love to have a clearer picture inside the future of both couples. Romance, steam, and thrill, this book has it all. Don’t miss out on it!

Unblocked – Episode Five (Timber Towers, #5) by Marni Mann

***** 5 My Pink Ivory Stars *****

(ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.

(BR with Mel and Patty ❤️❤️)

Derek Block was even more romantic, more Alpha, and just more of everything delicious, that had already made me fall in love with him from the previous books. Frankie was also amazing in this last episode, I had always liked her but this time around I was totally looking forward to reading the chapters with her POV, because she was the epitome of the strong female character I love reading about in a story.


In this last episode, Derek and Frankie finally surrender to the love that has blossomed between them. Derek tells her all the truths about his revenge plans against the man who killed his father, and as Frankie learns about all the pain he had suffered, the walls that were still protecting her heart,ultimately crumbled. There’s still a few loose ends and more pain for Frankie, but with Derek by her side she feels stronger and safer than ever before.

Derek will stop at nothing to protect his Pink Ivory, his devotion to her completely melted my heart.


Episode five was the perfect ending for a story that provided me with all the wonderful feelings I look for, when reading a book. Marni Mann takes us on a journey of true love that completely captivated my heart, solidifying my admiration for her as an author. I really recommend this series because it has everything a romance reader loves and so much more…

My Unblocked, Episode 5 music playlist:
*Beautiful War by Kings of Leon
*Easy by Sheryl Crow
*Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor
*Near You Always by Jewel

Reviewed by Dee

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Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers, #1) by Penny Reid

***** 5 DREAMY DUANE Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author ❤ ❤ )

If you read the book Beauty and the Mustache, chances are you already fell in love with the Winston Brothers and are desperately waiting to read this first installment of the spin off series. Book #1 aka Truth or Beard is about Duane. He is a twin, handsome, Alpha Male, ginger, bearded and completely dreamy. (I could go on and on with positive adjectives to describe how scrumptious he is…)


Jessica James is back in her home town in Tennessee after graduating collage. Her goal is to live at home with her parents for the next two years, while working as a Math teacher in the town’s high school so she can save money to pay off her students loans, and then go on to travel the world. Her life dream has always been to travel the globe. She wants to live in exciting places and learn about different cultures. She can’t see herself staying in her little town forever.

Duane Winston is one of the six notorious Winston Brothers. He’s a mechanic and part owner of the town’s auto shop, extremely handsome, and a total Alpha male who is not afraid of much. He’s known he has been in love with his childhood nemesis Jessica James, since the day she threw his board shorts on top of a tree and now that she is back in town, he’s putting in place his plan to court her. What happens when after a very hot and heavy make-out session, Duane realizes she’s only kissing him because she’s confused him with his twin brother, Beau?

Jessica’s feelings are a mess after learning she’s been kissed by the wrong twin, not the one she’s been crushing on forever, the nice one, but by the one who has been a pain in her neck for the better part of her childhood. Duane has always been so mean to her, when they were kids they were always fighting. So why is he kissing her so good now and talking about them being suited? And why does she like him so much?


Once the confusion is cleared and the truth reveals how much these two like each other, the possibility of a hot romance surfaces. But leave it to Penny Reid to deliciously complicate the plot with an array of unexpected and crazy-funny situations that make this romantic story so much more than just another love story.

I’m not surprised that I loved this book as much as I did because I’m a junky for Penny Reid’s smart and hilarious writing style and she is the main provider of hot Alpha Male material for my spank bank. The woman has a talent for creating the most amazing heroes and always pairs them with a super awesome and usually sassy heroine as well. I loved the combination of Duane and Jessica because they were such opposites, yet they complimented each other beautifully and it was a ton of fun reading about their love story. Two thumbs up to Penny for delivering an impressive first book on a series that promises nothing short of one hell of crazy ride. Keep ’em coming Penny!!!!


My Truth or Beard music Playlist:

*Everything has Change by Jasmine Thompson
*Halo by Beyoncé
*Kiss you in the Morning by Michael Ray
*Kiss You All Over by Exile
*Forever Mine by Andra Day

Reviewed by Dee

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Loving the White Liar by Kate Stewart

*****FIVE STARS*****

“You are it for me. You need to know that. I won’t be the perfect man, ever. I won’t even come close, but for you I’ll fight hard to be. I have all this shit going on in my head twenty-four/seven. It never ends. It’s incessant and can turn me into a ticking time bomb, and I won’t let you be a casualty.”


I beta read this not too long ago and LOVED it!!! It was my very first Beta and I was extremely nervous to say the least. I have read other books by this author and I knew this was definitely different from what she’s written previously. I hoped that this would be good because it would hurt to have to tell her I didn’t like it, and I knew I had to be brutally honest since she trusted me enough to ask me to Beta read for her. Well, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!!!!

I read it again for the second time yesterday. Those of you who know me well, know that for me to finish a book in a day, means that I really did ENJOY the heck out of the book!! I’m sitting here today still having so many “FEELS” about this story. It’s tugging at my heart and I think it will do the same to all of you who give this one a go!!!

Hilary is a young woman at a crossroads in her life. She has made a life changing decision when she quits her dead end job as a waitress without any job opportunities lined up. She is going to push herself to find a promising career in the next two weeks. Hilary never expected to also meet the man who would change her life forever!!

While swimming in her apartment’s pool, Hilary runs into a sexy as hell neighbor. He’s completely drool worthy! They continue to run into each other at the pool and eventually start dating. As soon as Jayden Monroe walks into the pool area, I was a goner for him, and so was Hilary!!

Things start off slow between the two. Jay seems to want to treat Hilary with the utmost respect, even though from the start she was willing to drop her panties for him. When the sex finally happens, HOLY HELL, I just about went up in flames!! One thing I know about this author, is she writes SPECTACULAR SEX and she doesn’t ever disappoint in that area!!

As the two become closer, Hilary starts to see a different side of Jay and at times it is frightening and heart breaking. He comes clean and tells her that he has ADHD. Well I reacted just as she did. Okay, so he has a form of Attention Deficit Disorder? That’s not so bad!! WRONG!! There is so much more that a person with ADHD suffers from and having been married to a man with Bipolar Disorder, I noticed how they have similar traits.

Hilary was an amazing heroine. She loved Jay beyond unconditionally! It takes a very strong person to be able to love and live with someone with ADHD and Hilary had superhuman strength!! And Jay, OMG, I loved him something fierce. He was definitely not an easy man to live with at times but when he would come out of his episodes and realize how much he hurt Hilary, his remorse broke my heart every time!!! He’s so god damn lovable, even with his flaws. His struggles just made him that much more beautiful to me.

I’m not saying that having ADHD made Jay any less of a man, than one without ADHD. It actually makes him TEN TIMES the man because he finds a way to function rather well given the challenges he faces every day due to the nature of his disorder.

If you’re looking for an emotional read with amazing characters, then this one is for you. You all need to meet Jay! I’m sure you will fall in love with this amazing man and this beautiful story!!


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Reviewed by Patty