Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers, #1) by Penny Reid

***** 5 DREAMY DUANE Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author ❤ ❤ )

If you read the book Beauty and the Mustache, chances are you already fell in love with the Winston Brothers and are desperately waiting to read this first installment of the spin off series. Book #1 aka Truth or Beard is about Duane. He is a twin, handsome, Alpha Male, ginger, bearded and completely dreamy. (I could go on and on with positive adjectives to describe how scrumptious he is…)


Jessica James is back in her home town in Tennessee after graduating collage. Her goal is to live at home with her parents for the next two years, while working as a Math teacher in the town’s high school so she can save money to pay off her students loans, and then go on to travel the world. Her life dream has always been to travel the globe. She wants to live in exciting places and learn about different cultures. She can’t see herself staying in her little town forever.

Duane Winston is one of the six notorious Winston Brothers. He’s a mechanic and part owner of the town’s auto shop, extremely handsome, and a total Alpha male who is not afraid of much. He’s known he has been in love with his childhood nemesis Jessica James, since the day she threw his board shorts on top of a tree and now that she is back in town, he’s putting in place his plan to court her. What happens when after a very hot and heavy make-out session, Duane realizes she’s only kissing him because she’s confused him with his twin brother, Beau?

Jessica’s feelings are a mess after learning she’s been kissed by the wrong twin, not the one she’s been crushing on forever, the nice one, but by the one who has been a pain in her neck for the better part of her childhood. Duane has always been so mean to her, when they were kids they were always fighting. So why is he kissing her so good now and talking about them being suited? And why does she like him so much?


Once the confusion is cleared and the truth reveals how much these two like each other, the possibility of a hot romance surfaces. But leave it to Penny Reid to deliciously complicate the plot with an array of unexpected and crazy-funny situations that make this romantic story so much more than just another love story.

I’m not surprised that I loved this book as much as I did because I’m a junky for Penny Reid’s smart and hilarious writing style and she is the main provider of hot Alpha Male material for my spank bank. The woman has a talent for creating the most amazing heroes and always pairs them with a super awesome and usually sassy heroine as well. I loved the combination of Duane and Jessica because they were such opposites, yet they complimented each other beautifully and it was a ton of fun reading about their love story. Two thumbs up to Penny for delivering an impressive first book on a series that promises nothing short of one hell of crazy ride. Keep ’em coming Penny!!!!


My Truth or Beard music Playlist:

*Everything has Change by Jasmine Thompson
*Halo by Beyoncé
*Kiss you in the Morning by Michael Ray
*Kiss You All Over by Exile
*Forever Mine by Andra Day

Reviewed by Dee

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