Unblocked – Episode Five (Timber Towers, #5) by Marni Mann

***** 5 My Pink Ivory Stars *****

(ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.

(BR with Mel and Patty ❤️❤️)

Derek Block was even more romantic, more Alpha, and just more of everything delicious, that had already made me fall in love with him from the previous books. Frankie was also amazing in this last episode, I had always liked her but this time around I was totally looking forward to reading the chapters with her POV, because she was the epitome of the strong female character I love reading about in a story.


In this last episode, Derek and Frankie finally surrender to the love that has blossomed between them. Derek tells her all the truths about his revenge plans against the man who killed his father, and as Frankie learns about all the pain he had suffered, the walls that were still protecting her heart,ultimately crumbled. There’s still a few loose ends and more pain for Frankie, but with Derek by her side she feels stronger and safer than ever before.

Derek will stop at nothing to protect his Pink Ivory, his devotion to her completely melted my heart.


Episode five was the perfect ending for a story that provided me with all the wonderful feelings I look for, when reading a book. Marni Mann takes us on a journey of true love that completely captivated my heart, solidifying my admiration for her as an author. I really recommend this series because it has everything a romance reader loves and so much more…

My Unblocked, Episode 5 music playlist:
*Beautiful War by Kings of Leon
*Easy by Sheryl Crow
*Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor
*Near You Always by Jewel

Reviewed by Dee

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