Loving the White Liar by Kate Stewart

*****FIVE STARS*****

“You are it for me. You need to know that. I won’t be the perfect man, ever. I won’t even come close, but for you I’ll fight hard to be. I have all this shit going on in my head twenty-four/seven. It never ends. It’s incessant and can turn me into a ticking time bomb, and I won’t let you be a casualty.”


I beta read this not too long ago and LOVED it!!! It was my very first Beta and I was extremely nervous to say the least. I have read other books by this author and I knew this was definitely different from what she’s written previously. I hoped that this would be good because it would hurt to have to tell her I didn’t like it, and I knew I had to be brutally honest since she trusted me enough to ask me to Beta read for her. Well, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!!!!

I read it again for the second time yesterday. Those of you who know me well, know that for me to finish a book in a day, means that I really did ENJOY the heck out of the book!! I’m sitting here today still having so many “FEELS” about this story. It’s tugging at my heart and I think it will do the same to all of you who give this one a go!!!

Hilary is a young woman at a crossroads in her life. She has made a life changing decision when she quits her dead end job as a waitress without any job opportunities lined up. She is going to push herself to find a promising career in the next two weeks. Hilary never expected to also meet the man who would change her life forever!!

While swimming in her apartment’s pool, Hilary runs into a sexy as hell neighbor. He’s completely drool worthy! They continue to run into each other at the pool and eventually start dating. As soon as Jayden Monroe walks into the pool area, I was a goner for him, and so was Hilary!!

Things start off slow between the two. Jay seems to want to treat Hilary with the utmost respect, even though from the start she was willing to drop her panties for him. When the sex finally happens, HOLY HELL, I just about went up in flames!! One thing I know about this author, is she writes SPECTACULAR SEX and she doesn’t ever disappoint in that area!!

As the two become closer, Hilary starts to see a different side of Jay and at times it is frightening and heart breaking. He comes clean and tells her that he has ADHD. Well I reacted just as she did. Okay, so he has a form of Attention Deficit Disorder? That’s not so bad!! WRONG!! There is so much more that a person with ADHD suffers from and having been married to a man with Bipolar Disorder, I noticed how they have similar traits.

Hilary was an amazing heroine. She loved Jay beyond unconditionally! It takes a very strong person to be able to love and live with someone with ADHD and Hilary had superhuman strength!! And Jay, OMG, I loved him something fierce. He was definitely not an easy man to live with at times but when he would come out of his episodes and realize how much he hurt Hilary, his remorse broke my heart every time!!! He’s so god damn lovable, even with his flaws. His struggles just made him that much more beautiful to me.

I’m not saying that having ADHD made Jay any less of a man, than one without ADHD. It actually makes him TEN TIMES the man because he finds a way to function rather well given the challenges he faces every day due to the nature of his disorder.

If you’re looking for an emotional read with amazing characters, then this one is for you. You all need to meet Jay! I’m sure you will fall in love with this amazing man and this beautiful story!!


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Reviewed by Patty

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