REVIEW – LETTERS TO MOLLY (Maysen Jar, #2) by Devney Perry


Molly and Finn Alcott had the picture-perfect marriage. With two gorgeous children, a lovely home and their own business, they were the couple others aspired to be. But when news of their divorce spreads through town like wildfire, it sends their beautiful image up in flames.

Molly spends years mending her broken heart. She finds joy in a life centered around her kids and career. Her happiness has a different picture now.

Then one day, she finds a letter in her mailbox. Written in Finn’s handwriting, dated over fifteen years ago, it’s a letter he wrote Molly after their first date.

Week after week, Finn’s letters appear. Each marks a date in their history. Each holds the confession of the man who still owns Molly’s heart. Each heals a wound from their past.

It’s just too bad Finn isn’t the one sending them.


*****Patty’s Review*****
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

My eyes fell shut, my breath stolen by the sensation of him filling the voids I’d ignored for so, so long. Here, in this place, everything made sense. Nothing was careless. Here, together, it was like going backward in time. We traveled to the days when those letters were being penned. To when happiness radiated around us.

”LETTERS TO MOLLY”is the bittersweet and angsty second chance romance between Molly and Finn Alcott, who you may remember from ”THE BIRTHDAY LIST”. They’re Poppy’s big brother and best-friend/sister-in-law, whose marital woes were just beginning as Poppy was finding new love. We are reunited with the couple who have been divorced for about six years. Molly and Finn have found a way to get past the animosity for the sake of their two children who they share custody of. It’s been six years since they ended their marriage. Irreparable damage has been inflicted but yet neither has been able to move on to new love. Everyone else can see the longing looks they cast each other’s way but these two are too stubborn to let go of the past.





After a night of movies with the kids and a little too much wine, Finn and Molly end up having an incredible night of sex, but the harsh light of day has them both backpedaling and declaring their night of lust a mistake. Soon after their night together, Molly starts to receive letters in her mailbox that Finn had written to her over the course of their relationship. The letters open up old wounds and begin to break down the walls that they each put up between them. There is also a mystery to solve as Finn isn’t the one sending the letters. Dread is all he feels because he knows that not every letter was written when he and Molly were in a good place.



Have these two hurt each other so much that there’s no hope for forgiveness and a second chance? When tragedy strikes the Alcott family again, will it tear them apart forever this time?




Finn and Molly’s story is incredibly angsty and filled with so much heartbreaking sadness. It was a serious page-turner! I couldn’t put this one down until I finished it at 4 AM this morning!! I wasn’t sure that ”The Birthday List” could be topped, but then Devney Perry goes and proved me wrong!

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 4.5
Angst: 4.5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine:5

”LETTERS TO MOLLY” is currently available!! I highly recommend giving it a one-click!


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