REVIEW – WICKED WISH (The Wicked Horse Vegas #2) by Sawyer Bennett


Jorinda Pearce thought she did everything right – graduated from college, married her long-time sweetheart, established a career. But what does she have to show for it now? A degree she doesn’t use, a job she hates, and an ex-husband that broke her heart.

Looking for a long overdue adventure, Jorie takes a walk on the wild side and attends a masquerade event at The Wicked Horse Vegas. It’s exactly the escape she’s looking for, and even better, she can explore anonymously. Drawn to the man masked in black leather with the body of a god, Jorie finds the greatest pleasures of her life at the hands of a stranger.

Walsh Brooks is the most sought after man in The Wicked Horse. Sex is nothing but a game to him and he’s the type that will always leave at the end of the night without looking back. Unfortunately for Walsh, there’s no way he can walk away from the mysterious green-eyed beauty behind the mask of sapphire feathers, because he knows exactly who she is.

Jorie is his best friend’s little sister and there’s not another woman in the world that’s more off limits.



*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 Stars!


Jorie Pearce is a gorgeous 28 yr. old woman who went to college had a great job, & married her dream guy. Now she’s lost after her husband breaks her heart. Her marriage is over, & her career is up in the air. She needs a break from her life and heads home to Nevada to stay with her best friend for a while.

Walsh Brooks is a 36 yr. old bachelor who loves being single. He was once married & it just wasn’t for him. He’s one of the hottest, wealthiest men in Vegas. He owns a hotel/casino called The Royale & belongs to a sex club called The Wicked Horse that suits his lifestyle perfectly.


Jorie needs a time out from reality, so her friend Elena takes her to a sex club for some anonymous wicked sex. Jorie’s never done anything like this but is excited to explore another side of herself, and hopefully, forget her problems for a little while. She definitely needs an escape & some adventure in her life. It’s masquerade night at The Wicked Horse, & Jorie locks eyes with a sexy masked man decked out in black leather. She’s immediately drawn to him & decides she’s down for anything if he’s involved.

Walsh has the dirtiest, kinkiest, most mind blowing sex of his life with a mystery woman. He is stunned when he later figures out he knows her. He’s never wanted a woman this bad, & it’s his best friend Micah’s little sister, Jorie. Their lives have always been entwined, & they’ve always shared a special bond. He was eight when she was born & they were neighbors. He was like a big brother to her growing up, but over the years feelings started to develop, & he couldn’t help the attraction he felt for her. She was forever off limits, but now that he’s had her, he just wants more.

Jorie hasn’t seen Walsh in almost ten years. She’s known him her entire life & crushed on him for years. Now that he’s given her the greatest pleasure of her life, she wants more. He’d always been her hero, but now she wants him in her bed.


-Walsh has awoken something within me that I simply want more of.

-“I’ve created a monster.” “You didn’t create it,” she says with a wink. “You just released it.”


Walsh feels guilty about lusting after his best friend’s little sister & tries to fight his attraction. Soon he can’t resist her any longer, & they become addicted to one another. They share an intense connection they both realize is more than physical. Can they overcome the obstacles in their way to be together?

I loved this story so much! It was fabulous from start to finish & smoking hot! I love a brother’s best friend story & this one was amazing. So delicious & sexy, but full of love.

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