REVIEW – GOING UP (Elevator #2) by Katherine Stevens


Margaret Vincent Foster came into the world with two things: money and a rebellious streak. She can’t find the love of her life, so she fills the void by dating characters you would normally only find in the drunk tank on a full moon. She’s the girl your parents never thought to warn you about. She will steal your heart, and maybe a little bit of your soul.

Maggie’s only goal is to not end up like her socialite parents and their friends. They want her to settle down and be comfortable, and all Maggie can think about is a boy in a Star Wars costume she met half a lifetime ago. Her prized velvet Elvis and celebrity hair clippings in tow, she drags everyone along as she carves her own path in the world.

When others are going down, Maggie is going up.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

This was exactly like in the movies. Except it was Finn and he was saying he loved me. I was in my own Hallmark movie. And I was nailing it.

The Elevator Series has become one of my most favorite RomComs ever! It’s so utterly hilarious, I would have to say it’s like RomCom on CRACK. This is one of the few times that I took a chance on a brand new author and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. When I read ”GOING DOWN”, I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life or fell completely in love with both the Hero and Heroine. When the next book, ”GETTING OFF came out, I worried that it wouldn’t measure up to its predecessor, but I quickly learned that I had no reason to doubt Katherine Stevens. That second book might have been even funnier than the first. Now in GOING UP the main character is Maggie, who has always been an amazing secondary character in the previous books, but she shines so bright as the main character of her story! Maggie turns out to be even more vivacious and kookier than her bestie, Cici!

Maggie Vincent is a young woman who marches to the beat of her own drum, and never fails to let her freak flag fly!! She grew up in high society but fought against being labeled and held on to her strong individuality. Her parents tried relentlessly to set her up with guys who were in their social circles but only to face Maggie’s stubborn defiance that often ended up in embarrassment for them. But her parents were only coming from a place of love for their daughter and you can’t help but adore them for putting up with all of Maggie’s crazy choices of truly freaky boyfriends!

The story starts from when Maggie was sixteen and progresses all the way to the present. Maggie has always been a sci-fi geek and collector of odd Hollywood artifacts. She has a velvet portrait of Elvis in which his belt lights up, and many different celebrity hair clippings. Maggie is able to guilt her mother in chaperoning her to Comic-Con in San Diego. It is there that she meets the most perfect boy, named Finn. They spend the entire day together and it was an instant attraction that formed between them. They exchange numbers when Maggie had to leave with her mom and unfortunately she doesn’t hear from Finn again after several failed attempts to call him, his number is disconnected. But Finn never leaves her thoughts for many years to come. He’s the star of most of her naughty dreams and just might be the reason she habitually picks Mr. Wrong!

We follow her through to her college years, which is where she meets Cici. They were roommates throughout college and formed such a beautiful friendship. To me, I felt this was the relationship that was the crux of this story and although there is some romance and schmexy to be had, the majority of the story is about Maggie and Cici’s friendship. I had thought that Cici was the crazy and lovable heroine but where Cici was a total clutz and prone to get herself into the most embarrassing situations, Maggie is the most outlandish and eccentric person to ever inhabit the pages of a book. She was up for any kind of wild and crazy adventure and picked the absolute weirdest guys to be her boyfriends. Maggie dragged Cici with her to all her nutty escapades and even though she may have protested time and time again, Cici was always there for her friend and vice versa. This is the kind of friendship every woman should have!

Maggie does find her true love and he couldn’t be more perfect! They were destined to be together. Although the romance doesn’t start until the last half, I never felt like it took away from the enjoyment as I said the main focus for me was the friendship.

I love this series so much and will be sad to have to say goodbye to it. I hope that Katherine Stevens will consider writing at least one more book.

GOING UP is LIVE!! If you haven’t read the previous books, I highly recommend them. These characters will become a piece of you like they have of me!


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