Every girl has dreams of meeting Prince Charming, or at least I know I did.

A fairy tale-like meeting of love at first sight.
Real life and fairy tales are very different.

I’m just a small town Indiana girl that had a chance encounter with one of Hollywood’s golden boys. You may think you know where this story goes—not even close.

Life is different. Marriage is hard. It’s even worse when you’re strangers.

*****Mel’s Review*****

5 Stars!


Wren Bradford is a simple girl from Indiana who is excited to finish her senior year & start college at USC. She’s looking forward to some independence & a change from her boring life. She heads to Las Vegas for her fall break with her mom. She wants to see the sights, but all she ends up doing is sitting in the lobby of the hotel reading while her mother hits the casinos. One day while reading a gorgeous stranger named Weston Lockwood strikes up a conversation with her. She’s never been so physically affected by a man before & is enjoying flirting with him. They begin spending time together while in Vegas and Wren just loves being with him.

Weston Lockwood is a big movie producer in Los Angeles. He’s one of the most eligible bachelor’s in L.A. & known as Hollywood’s golden boy. A chance encounter with a beautiful woman has him smitten. He wonders if there’s such a thing as love at first sight because he’s never felt this strong of a connection with someone so fast. Even more shocking to Wes is that Wren doesn’t seem to have a clue who he is. It’s refreshing to be liked for yourself and not your fame.

Wes & Wren have a few drinks with dinner & wake up the next day to find they are married. Initially, they are both horrified, but soon decide neither can deny there’s something between them they want to explore. They aren’t ready to say goodbye. Wes wonders if Wren is his one chance at having something real, and finding true happiness.

Wren leaves the only home she’s ever known & her old life behind. She heads to California where she will live in a world of mansions, paparazzi, & extreme wealth. She doesn’t care about material things & the Hollywood life. She only wants to be with Wes. Wes wants to live as normal a life as possible & not be in the spotlight so much. He adores Wren & just wants to take care of her and be with her. They try to find time as a couple while avoiding scandal, but it’s not easy living under a microscope in the public eye. We get some angst as Wes & Wren try to navigate their new life together.

-I felt so safe and secure in his presence. So cared for.

-“There’s something strong between us. It may be new, but it is too strong to be denied.”

-I felt warm, safe, and cherished.

-No man would ever compare to him, no man would ever be able to satisfy me like him.

I loved this book so much & fell hard for Weston Lockwood! He was super swoony, loves hard and with his whole heart. He was gentle, loving, sexy and alpha all rolled into one delicious package. This story was a bit taboo with the age difference, but I couldn’t get enough. The sexy times were hot as hell. The book is like a fairy tale Cinderella story. It’s also a long book, but it’s so fabulous it flew by. I was totally consumed by this story. I hope we get a book for Lance next.

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