A steamy, office-romance novella from New York Times bestselling author, Whitney G…

He definitely wasn’t supposed to get that email…

Subject: My Boss.

Have I already told you that I hate my boss today?

Sexy as hell or not, this pompous, arrogant, ASSHOLE asked me to pick up his dry cleaning the second I walked through the door. Then he told me that I needed to take his Jaguar to a car wash that was ten miles outside of the city, but only after I needed to stand in a never-ending line to buy some type of limited, hundred-dollar watch.

I honestly can’t wait to see the look on his face two months from now when I tell him that I’m quitting his company and that he can kiss my ass. KISS. MY. ASS.

All those former fantasies about him kissing me with his “mouth of perfection” or bending me over my desk and filling me with his cock are long over. OVER.

Your bestie,

PS–Please tell me your day is going better than mine…

Subject: Re: My Boss.

No, you haven’t already told me that you hate your “boss” today, but seeing as though you’ve sent me this email directly, I know now

Yes, I did ask you to pick up my dry cleaning the second you arrived to work to day. (Where is it?) And I did tell you to take my Jaguar to the car wash and pick up my thousand-dollar watch. (Thank you for taking five hours to do something that could be accomplished in two.)

You don’t have to wait two months from now to see the look on my face when you tell me you’re quitting. I’m standing outside your office at this very moment. ( Open the door. )

No comment on your “fantasies,” although I highly doubt they’re “long over.”

Your boss,

PS—Yes. My day is definitely going far better than yours…

*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Michael Leighton is the CEO of Leighton Publishing in Manhattan, New York. He’s a rich playboy known for his scandalous hookups and the tabloids call him the “Naughty CEO.” Michael can’t keep an assistant. Nobody lasts, & his advisor wants him to find a new assistant that will last more than a year. He promises he will clean up his image for the company, & tone down his public womanizing ways.

Mya London starts a new job as the executive assistant for Michael Leighton. She’s fully aware of his reputation as a ladies man, & soon learns he’s also an egotistical, arrogant jerk obsessed with time. He’s controlling & infuriates her. When she accidentally sends him an email meant for her best friend mentioning how she hates her boss, but also fantasizes about him, she’s absolutely mortified.

-It was quite apparent that she “hated” me and I almost regretted taking out my sexual frustration on her by demanding so much. Almost.

-Her mind was damn near as naughty as mine when it came to sex, and it was slightly gratifying to know that the attraction wasn’t one-sided, even if there was little I could do about it. I’d never mixed business with pleasure before, and I wasn’t going to start now.

Once the both realize the attraction is mutual it isn’t long before the sexual tension between them explodes. The sex is incredible & they can’t get enough of each other, I loved this short sexy office romance novella. Another fabulous book by Whitney G.!

-He kissed me until I was breathless.

-I begged him for mercy, but he continued to torture me with pleasure.

-I couldn’t help but think that s part of this felt right. That when he wasn’t being my boss- even for a split second, he was more than likable.

*****Dee’s Review*****


(ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)

This office romance novella is packed with delicious heat and utter fun. I loved it!!!!


Mya London has landed a fabulous job. Great pay, amazing benefits, and a hotter than hell boss, yet she is dying to quit. Why? You ask… because her boss is as hot as he is mean and arrogant. The man is just insufferable.

Michael Laughton is tired of inept assistants, he needs somebody who’s smart, organized and can put up with his fast pace routine. He’s found the perfect assistant after having fired eight, she is Mya London.

These two are completely attracted to each other, but they are totally professional about keeping their feelings under wraps. Michael has tried to keep his distance with a stuck-up and dominating personality around Mya, and she is almost to the breaking point. She fantasizes on a daily basis about different ways of murdering him, and different positions that he could pleasure her.

Will Michael and Mya break, and finally give into their sexual desires, or will Mya simply quit but not before murdering her boss?

Read this entertaining story and find out! I highly recommend it.


*****Patty’s Review*****



Fans of Whitney G. are going to absolutely enjoy this super sexy novella. I found it to be reminiscent of the Reasonable Doubt series and Beautiful Bastard. Our Hero, Michael Leighton, is the super sexy CEO of Leighton publishing and New York City’s most eligible bachelor whose crazy sex life always winds up as the top “Page Six” headliner. Michael has been ordered by his business partner to keep it in his pants for at least a year and stay out of the Page Six headlines while they try to go public with their corporation. In the meantime, he asks his friend to help hire a new personal assistant for him as he’s gone through at least eight in the past six months.

Mya London thinks she has landed her dream job working for the super notorious bad boy, Michael Leighton. The job turns out being not what it was all cracked up to be. A year later she is calling her boss every curse word imaginable. He is her worst nightmare who seems to get pleasure out of making her do the most menial tasks and forcing her to work late almost every evening. Mya sends her bestie constant email updates on all of her horrible boss’s evil doings but after one particularly horrendous day at work she sends a scathing and scandalous email regarding her sexual fantasies about him to her friend, or so she thought. The email to Mya’s utter dismay actually ended up getting sent to Michael instead. And now the story gets seriously naughty and oh so entertaining.

It becomes a battle of wills when both Mya and Michael confess to their secret sexual fantasies and it’s only a matter of time before boardroom talk turns into pillow talk. Will the two be able to get over their petty office bickering and is it pure lust or something deeper that is developing between Mya and Michael?

This novella is a pretty fast read and I can’t say that I wasn’t thoroughly entertained. I enjoyed it so much and I got a bit greedy because I wanted more of Michael and Mya. That’s the only reason I didn’t give this a solid five stars!

NAUGHTY BOSS is currently available. Be sure to one-click on this fab novella! You will not be disappointed.

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