REVIEW – CARTEL (Cartel #1) by Lili St. Germain



The first full length Gypsy Brothers novel from the smash hit author Lili St. Germain.

How much is a life worth?

I grew up in Colombia, the daughter of a wealthy drug lord. I lived a life of extravagance, until one day a drug run went horribly wrong and everything came crashing down around us.

I was given away. A payment for a debt. The Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club became my new owners, and I did everything I could to survive.

But falling in love with the man who owned me wasn’t part of the plan…

*****Dee’s Review*****


(ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)

Fire burning plot, complex characters, and a decadent writing style. This book is the perfect start to a fiery trilogy that promises and delivers pure thrill. Loved it!!!


Mariana is a nineteen-year-old Colombian girl, whose father works for the most powerful drug Cartel in the world. She grew up in the throes of violence, guns, and despair. Her father, a drunk with a gambling problem has gone too far this time, messing up with the big bosses of the Cartel, and Mariana had to step up and pay for her father’s sins with her freedom, in order to save her family.

She’s been taken from Colombia with the purpose to be sold as a sex slave in the U.S, and she’s been delivered to the VP, of the dangerous Motorcycle Club, The Gypsy Brothers. Dornan, the VP of the MC Club, who also happens to be the Cartel’s drug lord’s son, is in charge of getting Mariana ready to meet her terrible destiny.

Dornan is a dangerous man; just like his father he has a lot of darkness lurking inside him. But something about the Colombian beauty has him mesmerized and acting in unlikely ways. He will be the monster who will save Mariana from being sold into sexual slavery, but at what price?

I read this book from cover to cover in one day. The excitement and the darkness of the romance kept me on the edge of my seat, and unable to do, or think about anything else, other than this story.
Lili St. Germain has created a gritty and wicked MC theme story that is totally addictive. I am now forever hooked to her writing style, and I’m very excited to read more.

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