REVIEW – DIRTY (RAW Family #2) by Belle Aurora



My marriage seemed perfect from the outside looking in.
People envied me. They wanted my life, wanted to be me.

Mrs Alejandra Gambino.
Wife of Dino Gambino. Daughter of Eduardo Castillo.
Respected. Loved. Mob royalty.

They had no idea of the horrors that lurked behind closed doors.
They didn’t know I was at the lowest point a person could reach.

Enter Julius Carter.
Aloof, handsome, blue-eyed Julius Carter.

He saved me.
I screwed him over.

Now everybody was after me. My life was forfeit.
It was only a matter of time. I was a dead woman walking.

The question was, who would get to me first?

*****Mel’s Review*****

4 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Alejandra Castillo grew up as mob royalty. Her mother died & Ana and her five siblings were raised by her father. She grew up sheltered, going to private schools & never really having much of a social life. She was taught to believe that family & loyalty were everything & certain sacrifices must be made for the good of the family. So when it’s decided she will marry a rivals son, she reluctantly agrees so there can be peace between these mob families. She will do anything to make her father happy & hopes this alliance will unite the Castillo’s & Gambino’s. Alejandra soon learns she is married to a psychopath. This man that claims to love her becomes her worst nightmare.

Ana is with her husband for six years before an opportunity presents itself for her to be free. She meets a man named Julius Carter one evening & takes a chance that gets her into some trouble. Suddenly everyone is after her & she’s a dead woman walking. Tired of merely existing & feeling broken and weak, Ana takes off hoping to live a life on her own terms.

Julius Carter was on an assignment that went terribly wrong. Now he’s in a bit of a situation. He is searching for a woman named Alejandra Gambino. He needs to find her & make right a disaster she caused, but when he finds her will he save her, or turn her over to those looking for her.

Once he tracks her down, she becomes more of a handful than he anticipated. She’s defiant & strong willed and stunningly beautiful. He was drawn to her & intrigued from the moment he laid eyes on her. In a short amount of time, Alejandra turns his life upside down. The gorgeous, controlled Julius is feeling anything but in control & he’s getting quite attached to Alejandra. They both can’t deny their intense attraction for one another & soon become intimate. As feelings develop Alejandra wonders if Julius is the monster she once thought or her savior?

-I hadn’t expected to be so affected.

-It wasn’t fair. Out of all men to get stuck with, I got the one who stirred the butterflies in my belly with a humble glance from those stormy blue eyes.

-I have been waiting my whole life for this man, only I didn’t know it.

I really enjoyed this book! It has a few different stories & POV’s. The main story is about Julius who we met in Raw as Twitch’s best friend/business partner. I loved the sexy love story between Julius & Alejandra. We also get more of Twitch. He’s working to get back to his family & trying to keep them safe. We also get more of Ling & Happy and also an appearance from Nox & Lily. Loved getting so many of the characters I love & can’t wait for more Twitch in the next book! I’m ready for him to get his HEA! :))

-“It’s all about us now.”

-“We’re a team. And you’re exactly where I want you. By my side.”

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