REVIEW – CHANDLER (Fixed #5) by Laurelin Paige



I’m good in a boardroom, but I’m better in the bedroom. Much better. I can charm the skirt off any woman in one encounter. I’ll even give her an orgasm before I put her in a cab. Or three. No more or she’ll start making plans for the future and I’m not into that.

Or I wasn’t until Genevieve Fasbender. She’s the first woman in five years that I want to spend the whole night with. And she’s the first woman who’s told me I’m not what she wants in a lover, even after multiple O’s. She’s brash and bold and stubborn as hell, and she doesn’t believe it’s possible to satisfy her.

But I’m up for the challenge.

And after an incident in my brother’s office closet―a downright dirty incident―I think I’m just the guy to deliver.

Genevieve Fasbender will never know what’s coming.

Chandler is a full-length standalone novel.

Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

*****Mel’s Review*****

4 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Chandler Pierce is a charming, gorgeous man living in New York. He turned 24 a few months ago & recently got his trust fund. He’s single & likes to have a good time, & is often on all the gossip sites portrayed as a filthy rich playboy. His reputation is that he’s spoiled & has lived a privileged life and had everything handed to him. While there is some truth to that, Chandler wants to be taken more seriously by his older brother Hudson. They own Pierce Industries together, & Chandler wants to be more involved with the company, & take on a bigger role in their business. So when Hudson needs to stay home with his new twins & asks Chandler to step in for him at a charity gala to talk with some business associates, he’s up for the challenge.

Chandler is to be all about business & making connections at this gala, but when he locks eyes with a stunning brunette from across the room, he can’t think about anything but finding out more about this woman. This beautiful, ambitious woman is Genevieve Fasbender. She lives in London & her father is the head of a well-known successful company called Accelecom. Genevieve is focused on earning her place at the company. The most important thing to her is her career & she feels she’s been overlooked & treated differently in the workplace because of her gender.

When Genevieve meets the smooth-talking irresistible Chandler, she decides she could use a bit of fun, & she’s also curious if Chandler can live up to his reputation in the bedroom. She doesn’t have time for relationships & Chandler only does one night stands, so they are the perfect match for a night of no strings pleasure.

-She’s just so…captivating.

-There’s something about her. Something that separates her from the crowd.

Genevieve won’t ever rely on any man, but she does find herself wanting more of Chandler. Chandler can’t get enough of Genevieve, and has never desired a woman this much. He loves how feisty she is & enjoys spending time with her. She’s an independent, intelligent woman who knows what she wants. As Chandler begins to fall for her, some drama & trust issues arise between these two. They have to decide if they want more with each other & figure where they fit into each other’s lives. I really enjoyed getting Chandler’s story & loved getting more of Hudson & Alayna.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****3.75 STARS*****
{ARC Provided by Author}

Chandler is the youngest of the Pierce siblings. Always living in the shadows of his older brother Hudson. His family doesn’t have much faith in him and for that reason, he basically holds a glorified title at Pierce Industries. Chandler spends most of his time wooing different women and sticks to his motto of “one and done”. In his earlier days, he fell in love too easily and ended up with nothing to show for it but a broken heart. His cavalier playboy attitude is about to be challenged by a beautiful and intriguing woman named Genevieve


Chandler and Genevieve meet at a fundraising gala. Since Hudson was unable to attend, Chandler goes in his place and it only takes a second for Genevieve to capture his attention. The two end up having a steamy encounter later that evening and what should have been a one-night stand soon turns into a bit of an obsession for Chandler. Days have gone by and he just can’t get the woman out of his mind. As luck would have it, she ends up being the daughter of a potential business partner and the two cross paths at the offices of Pierce Industries.

These two play a game of cat and mouse for a while. Chandler is completely thrown by Genevieve’s lack of enthusiasm with regards to their night together. He also starts having very naughty fantasies about her that he’s never had before. It seems as though Chandler has a possible BDSM fetish that only Genevieve awakens in him.

The two dabble a bit with spankings and role playing which although kind of hot also seemed a little awkward at times. It was odd that Chandler never had the desire to spank or tie a woman up until he met Genevieve and somehow he just had a sixth sense that she was into that sort of kink.

They start to develop real feelings for each other but when Hudson and Laynie fill Chandler’s head with some suspicions they have of Genevieve, will doubt tear the couple apart?

Chandler is currently available.


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