REVIEW – WICKED BOND (The Wicked Horse #5) by Sawyer Bennett



Bridger Payne is an enigma that no one can figure out. Wise beyond his years, eerily intuitive and sexy as hell, every woman in The Silo wants him.
None can have him.
Not the real man, anyway.
He might wield the lash for you if you ask prettily, but he’ll get no gratification from it. He’ll definitely make you scream, but he won’t think twice about you when he walks away.
Bridger carries the darkest of secrets. He’s filled with too much pain.
He’s utterly untouchable.
Until she came along.

**Warning: this book has sex in it. Lots of sex. Dirty sex. The Wicked Horse Series is a bit different than what Sawyer Bennett normally writes. While you’ll still enjoy fabulous characters, a suspenseful story, some witty banter and an epic romance, there’s just… a lot of sex. You’ve been warned.

*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)


Bridger Payne is a man deeply damaged by his past. He’s complex, mysterious, & an enigma to those around him. He lives in Jackson, Wyoming & owns a bar called The Wicked Horse & a sex club that’s attached called The Silo. He needs the outlet the sex club provides him. He was conditioned at an early age to relate pleasure to pain. He makes fantasies happen & offers his services to anyone at the club needing his expertise. Women everywhere want him, but no one can have him. This sexy, gorgeous man is untouchable. He’s comfortable with who he is but likes his world full of order. He likes to be in total control & doesn’t believe in love or happily ever afters. He has issues with trust & often comes across as intimidating and withdrawn.

Bridger lives in a cabin on the Double J property. He’s a bit of a loner & keeps to himself. His whole life is turned upside down when a friend brings an unconscious woman to his home & asks him to hide her & care for her. She’s in danger and doesn’t have any other options. He knows what it’s like to feel helpless & be in a horrible situation, so he can relate to this woman. Her name is Maggie Waylon & she’s an innocent woman who got caught up in something bad.

Bridger begins to have feelings that scare him as he cares for Maggie & gets to know her better. He’s never felt a connection to a woman. He’s messed up in the head when it comes to intimacy, & doesn’t know how to handle how he’s feeling. He doesn’t like the unknown.

-I’m not sure what makes this different from any other woman I’ve been with, but for the first time, I get a pure thrill from the simple intimacy of kissing.

He feels a strong bond with Maggie & they are extremely attracted to one another. He knows what it feels like to feel unprotected, alone, & completely at someone else’s mercy. He just wants to help her heal & make her feel safe. The more time they spend together the closer they get & soon Maggie begins seeing a softer side to Bridger. He’s kind & has such a big heart, but he still tries to keep it locked up tight. Maggie is quickly falling hard for her hero. Can Bridger be with her or will his demons from his past own him forever?

I have been waiting for Bridger’s story since I first started this series. He was the main one I wanted. He’s damaged but such a beautiful person with such a huge heart. Anytime anyone needed help he was there. I’m so glad I finally got his story, & that he found someone who could open his heart & help heal all his broken pieces. Loved this book so much!

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