REVIEW – JONQUILS FOR JAX (The Rousseaus, #1) by Katy Regnery



Did you fall in love with The English Brothers? Were you hot for the Winslows?

Katy Regnery’s Blueberry Lane series continues with The Rousseau siblings!

Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau is vivacious, rich, smart and beautiful…but that doesn’t mean she’s lucky in love: she’s dated doctors, lawyers, actors and politicians who’ve all managed to end up disappointing her. In fact, she’s on a self-imposed hiatus from love when she has an unpleasant run-in with her neighbor’s gorgeous new landscaper, Gardener Thibodeaux. Jax is not accustomed to gruff, ill-mannered men that can’t be charmed, but something about Gard intrigues her, and if she can find her way through the armor that surrounds his heart, she also might find a love that won’t let her down.


Jonquils for Jax, The Rousseaus #1 – available 8.5.16

Marry Me Mad, The Rousseaus #2 – available 10.21.16

J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis, The Rousseaus #3 – available 11.29.16

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”I’m goin’ to fall for you, Duchess. Hard. Don’t know if it’s just for now or forever, but if it’s not okay with you, tell me now.”


This story was sweet, sexy, and had just a dash of angst, making it a perfect summer read. The series revolves around several families that live in an affluent neighborhood in the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia. The first installment of The Rousseaus, centers around Jacqueline “JAX” Rousseau.
Jax has returned to the family’s summer home, Le Chateau, for her older brother’s wedding. She’s also running away from her life back in L.A. After producing Hollywood’s latest blockbuster movie, Jax was thrown into the spotlight and became the paparazzi’s latest obsession. She never expected to have every aspect of her life splashed all over the tabloids and all Jax wants is to stay in the safe cocoon of her family’s summer estate. On the night of her brother’s wedding she ends up trying to fight off the unwanted advances of a family friend and her neighbor’s gardener comes to her rescue.




Gardener Thibodeaux is an ex-cop, who was forced into early retirement after being injured in the line of duty. The incident left his vision severely impaired. He is almost completely blind. Gardener can only see things that are in extreme close proximity to him. His condition has left him a little bitter and he’s moved to the area in order to live a solitary life, away from family and old friends. He’s lost his passion for life, until he meets the beautiful and exasperating, Jax.

The attraction between them is electrifying. No matter how hard Gardener tries to fight his feelings, it becomes clear rather quickly that he is no match for Jax’s sweet and charming nature. They actually end up being perfect for each other. Both needing that push to get back on the right path and finding that the love that develops between them is just what they were looking for.




I have a soft spot for damaged Heroes and early on I was swooning hard for Gardener. My heart ached for him because he never wanted to appear helpless and the times that his lack of vision required him to lean on others for assistance seemed to break his soul, piece by piece. But Jax never once showed pity and always offered her encouragement and love.

The Rousseaus series is off to a smashing start and I can’t wait for the next installment!

JONQUILS FOR JAX is available now!!

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