REVIEW – SUGAR DADDY (Sugar Bowl, #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar Daddy Ebook Cover


Seduction has never been so sweet! The New York Timesbestselling author of the Cold Fury series—Alex, Garrett, Zack,and Ryker—returns with the first novel in a hot new trilogy.

Sela Halstead lost her innocence in a way that no sixteen-year-old should ever have to endure. She’s spent years trying to forget that night even while wondering about the identities of the monsters who brutalized her—until a telltale tattoo flashes across Sela’s TV screen. The incriminating ink belongs to Jonathon Townsend, the millionaire founder of The Sugar Bowl, a website that matches rich older men with impressionable young women. Obsessed with revenge, Sela infiltrates Townsend’s world, only to come face-to-face with a tantalizing complication: Beckett North, his charismatic business partner.

The tech mastermind behind The Sugar Bowl, Beck always gets what he wants, in business and in bed. And yet, for a man who’s done every dirty thing imaginable, there’s something about the naïve, fresh-faced Sela that sparks his hottest fantasies. Because with her, it’s not just about sex. Beck opens up to her in ways he never has with other girls. So why does he get the feeling that she’s hiding something? In a world of pleasure and power, the shocking truth could turn them against each other—or bind them forever.

Note: Sugar Daddy ends on a cliffhanger. Sela and Beck’s story continues in Sugar Rush and Sugar Free!

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE+++ STARS*****
{Netgalley ARC}

“I want to crawl inside of you, Sela and feel every inch of you against me. I don’t want any barriers and I don’t want any fucking walls between us. Just you and me, touching…you melding into me, me into you. I want to know what that feels like with you…


WOW…JUST WOW!!!! I have read Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury series and really enjoyed them but, HOLY HELL, I really think this one right here is her BEST yet!!! There are some seriously dark elements to the story but aside from that, the decadently sinful steam factor had me panting quite a bit!! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire last 30 % of the book! Now this is how you write a story!! I had so many dang feels going on and I know I do this often but I totally fell in love with the Hero of this one ladies. Get ready to swoon and to be seriously turned on by Mr. Beck North!!

Sela Halstead is a beautiful young Grad student, who has suffered through one of the most traumatizing experiences that could ever happen to a young girl. She was brutally raped and sodomized by several men when she was just sixteen-years-old. It has left her severely broken inside and early on she had a few failed attempts at suicide. Now at the age of twenty-two, she knows the identity of the ringleader of her gang rape…Jonathan Townsend. He is a billionaire businessman who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s the epitome of a wealthy douchebag. The guy likes his women blonde and submissive. Drugging and raping young women is par for the course as far as he’s concerned. Sela sees his name splashed all over the papers and news regarding his successful online dating service called theSugar Bowl. It caters to very wealthy older men who are looking to date beautiful young women and vice versa. They maintain in their contracts that this is not a paid escort service and that sex isn’t one of the benefits but it’s understood by all that sex is definitely part of the package. Sela has vengeance on her mind and sees a way in. She dyes her hair brown and goes through a little makeover to hide her identity from Jonathan so that she can infiltrate his organization by becoming one of his Sugar Babies. Unfortunately for her, he doesn’t fall for her bait as he is only interested in submissive blondes. BUT she does catch the eye of his business partner and long-time friend,BECKETT NORTH.

OH MY GOD! When Beck comes into the picture, I was a goner. This guy is gorgeous and quite the ladies man and has this seriously HOT ALPHAMALE thing going on. Sela catches his attention almost immediately and all he wants to do is get her naked and do all kinds of naughty things to her. Sela decides to go back with Beck to his hotel room, thinking that he’s her way to get to Jonathan. Beck is only seeing this as one hell of a hot one night stand but after a few rounds of sex with Sela, he becomes addicted to her. And Sela is definitely feeling some intense attraction towards Beck as well. She has never been able to enjoy sex or to experience an orgasm from it since the rape, but that all changed after just one night with Beck. These two can’t seem to get enough of each other and I, for one, was not complaining! Some of it made my heart rate pick up and left me salivating for more.


Beck is enamored with Sela and the feeling is quite mutual. He asks her to enter into a Sugar Daddy agreement with him, whereby she moves into his place and he pays off all of her college loans. It’s not meant to last for more than a month. But as time goes by, Sela starts to truly fall for Beck and she may be working her way into his heart as well. This puts Sela in a bit of a conundrum because she knows going through with her plans of revenge against Jonathan, could very well end up costing her relationship with Beck. And this relationship has become something truly special to her.

I would love to go on about this book because I really did love it to death! I just didn’t know that Sawyer Bennett had it in her to write such a captivating story with darkness embedded in it. I also can’t believe how incredibly evil she is to end this book on a cliffy of such a grand scale!! It had me crying my eyes out!!! I mean I just don’t know how I am going to get by these next couple of months without getting the answers I so desperately need right at this moment!!!

Be sure to one click this one!!!



*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)




Sela Halstead is a 26 yr. old woman with a tragic past that still haunts her. She has tried to move forward with her life & is currently working on her master’s degree in psychology at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She thought she was moving past her issues, but one evening she see’s a man on tv named JT that takes her back 10 years to the horrors she can’t forget.

She decides she wants revenge against this man she blames for destroying her life. She wants vengeance. She wants to make him suffer as she has & then completely end him. He owns a multimillion dollar dating website called The Sugar Bowl & she decides to pose as a sugar baby to get close to him.

When she realizes it’s not going to be easy to get near JT, she sets her sights on his very gorgeous business partner Beckett North who seems very interested in her. She decides to use Beck to achieve her goals & carry out her agenda.


As Sela becomes more involved with Beck, she develops a connection that she’s never felt with another man. He’s kind, charming & really a decent guy. She starts to feel guilty about using him to carry out her plan for retribution. He’s suddenly becoming important to her, & she’s wondering if she could let the rage & anger go for a chance at happiness and a normal life. This beautiful man seems to want her in his life & also gives her the most incredible pleasure she’s ever experienced.


-“There’s an innocence about you. The fact that I can give you something that no other man has…well, let’s just say that does nice things to my ego.”

-I’m not sure if he’s magic or just so damned dedicated to the cause, but it was effortless on his part. I’m betting he could probably just look at me a certain way and I might explode.

-Beck North was the best thing that ever happened to me.


The longer Sela is with Beck the less broken she feels. Suddenly she has so much to both gain & lose. Her feelings have her torn about what to do. Can she give up her revenge for love? Before she can make that decision everything blows up in her face & we are left with a major cliffy. I loved this book so much! You will need the next book immediately after reading this! So addictive!!! :))

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