REVIEW – WE WERE ONE ONCE: Book 2 by Willow Madison




Past collides with present. Love, lust, pain, desire, hope, hopelessness, want, need, anger, release. It’s all the same in the end. Because Fate chooses to toss us into the deep end every time.
Only the strong of body will learn to swim through what Fate throws our way. Only the strong of mind will learn to float with it. What we can’t resist will consume us. What we can’t overcome will become us.
Even death isn’t a release as it too consumes.
Only love or hate exists in the end. In all its twisted and messed up forms. Love always knows how to float. Hate always knows how to pull us down.

This is the ending to this story. Be warned…it’s a dark ending and not exactly happy.
But I’m happy with it ~ Willow


It’s her eyes I remember most. How they would dart around in fear; how they would relax and widen in perfect submission; how the deep chocolate brown was made darker with her emotions. Always so readable, always so expressive, her eyes gave everything away so easily even in her blankest looks. Tonight was no different.
The others don’t understand pain. Don’t get what it can be, what it can do. With the lash of a whip, I tear through the memories we five share and the darkest memories I keep to myself. I merge the feel of a new mark with ones I’ve worn in our past. I amplify the pain with the memories, adding fire to the fever of every sexual encounter, even the most vanilla.
It’s how we survived, how I thrived.

*****Dee’s Review*****

4 Stars****

(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

I’ve been really looking forward to reading this book ever since I discovered this series. I was drawn to it by how dark and unique it was. This author has a true talent for words and she is not afraid to take you inside the very intricate world that is the life of Gillian, a woman with multiple personalities.

My expectations were met by the thrilling conclusion of this story. This is one of those tales that will continue to play in my mind for a long time. Truly a decadent read.


The way the story continued in this second book was by going back and forth from past to present. Little by little we start to understand the relationship between Gillian and Miles. How they shared a past full of firsts, love and pain.

Miles had been looking for her and after three years of searching he finally finds his woman again. The problem with Miles is that his love for her was without understanding, he wanted to beat her into being something she couldn’t be. He was never able to fully accept her for who she really was and even after submitting her to doctors, treatments and a lot of cruel discipline the only thing he was able to achieve was her disappearance from his life.

Simon found Gillian, but this woman is not really Gillian anymore. She is someone who shares her body with different women and each, make whole, a creature that is sometimes sweet, sometimes all fire. Simon loves a part of every single one. Each personality gives him another piece he had been missing from his own life. It’s not easy for him to deal with everything this woman represents to him, he wants to kiss her and spank her with the same explosive intensity but the more time he spends with her the more he is sure he can’t live without the broken girls that make his life truly whole.


Gillian, Gigi, Baby, Grace; she has many different names but only two loves. Simon and Miles have both hurt and loved this woman deeply.

The brutality of her mother made Gillian retreat inside her mind, where she created a world where she had different sides of her. Each woman had a strength that came in handy when needing to fight all the pain that was offered by the hands of a sick mother, who was only capable of cruelty and humiliation towards her only child.

Who will ultimately be able to conquer the hearts of this broken woman, Simon or Miles? Will these women be able to separate for once and for all and meld into a new woman who is finally ready to live and accept true love in her life?

I love beautifully written and unpredictable stories and this one was definitely both. I can’t honestly say that in the end I was able to fully comprehend the nature of the characters in this book but I think that is part of the experience when reading We Were One Once. These are very complex characters, with very strange behaviors but with one simple goal, to feel loved and accepted by someone. The truth is, that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so read this unique duet series and find out for yourself. I loved it, and once again I give props to the author for thinking outside of the box and creating an imperfect love story that was perfect for me.

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