REVIEW – SOLID (The Twin Duo, #2.5) by Jettie Woodruff



Sometimes you just have to let go of rock bottom, catch the bricks being thrown at you, and build your own foundation. Solid is built on trust, not lies and deceit, and sometimes you have to stop waiting for someone else to build it, and do it yourself.

If happiness is the end result, if it’s that single want that matters, if we had to through that to get here, I’d do it all over again. If it’s the love that matters, then why does it matter how we got there? We were the perfect storm of two kinds of crazy.

*****Dee’s Review*****

****4.5 Paxton Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

I’m writing this review slightly hungover after drinking a whole bottle of wine by myself, courtesy of the emotional roller coaster that is Solid. This novella is short but deadly. We get more Paxton, yumm!!! and of course the always present struggle of not knowing whether you want to slap him or do him.

By now I’m almost addicted to Jettie Woodruff’s writing style. The woman knows how to play with my emotions perfectly. She gives you equal amounts of love and pain in all her stories, and I will always be a sucker for that kind of fun in a book…


In Solid Gabriella is starting to remember more and every time she gets flashbacks about the past, she compares the very cruel Paxton from before, and the sexy and passionate husband she now loves and adores. It’s very hard for her to continue on with life as if nothing ever happened, knowing what a cruel bastard Paxton used to be to her. As a reader I struggled right along with her, he used to be so mean and callous, but the man can sure charm the pants off of any woman and in the end it’s impossible not to love him.

Gabriella is hiding a few secrets of her own and Paxton is starting to get nervous because he can feel that something is not quite right with his wife. Paxton has never felt as happy and whole as he feels now but he is tired of always having the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I love how the author keeps you always guessing until the very end, this made me nervous but I honestly crave that kind of angst when reading a book, which is why this series is perfect for me.

This is a story about a very flawed couple. They are very dysfunctional and nothing about their marriage is conventional but they are truly passionate about their family and their love has proven to get even stronger under the worst of situations. If you are a fan of The Twin Duo Series, reading this novella will feel like getting an awesome Christmas present, because it has everything we have come to love about these characters and so much more. I will be purchasing a few of these novellas as gifts to some of my friends. I know they will love to get a little piece of Paxton, perhaps I’ll send the book with a bottle of wine as well, I KNOW they will need it.


*****Mel’s Review*****

4 Stars
(ARC provided by author)
(BR with Dee)


In Solid Paxton & Gabriella Pierce are trying to give their marriage a chance. They both want their family to stay together, & want to build a relationship based on trust & love. We see Paxton fall hard for Gabby & I loved how gone he is over her. They are trying to start over, but letting go of the past is easier said than done, especially when Gabby keeps remembering things she’d rather forget. They still struggle with trust issues & honesty. They both can be a bit volatile, but in the end their love for one another trumps all the crazy, & they just work.


-I couldn’t fight it, him, this thing between us, none of it. I lost every freaking time. Every time.


We get some surprises & more answers from their past. We also get some seriously hot hot hot scenes. As usual Pax brings the sexy! I really enjoyed this whole series! It was full of angst, mystery & some crazy, but most important was the love & extreme passion! Look forward to reading more from this author! 😀

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