Dee’s Bio


I’ve been a book lover since I was a kid. I  always loved getting lost inside beautiful stories. A few years ago I went from reading ten books a year to four a week. I became addicted to reading and reviewing. I love putting my feelings down and creating images and music playlists that describe my experience with a book.

I love discovering new authors, and sharing new books with everyone. That’s how the idea of this blog was born. My best friend and I were always reading together and sharing our thoughts and ideas about our books, and that always made the experience so much better. We met through our mutual love for books and very quickly an incredible friendship was formed. We are each unique about our tastes in books but together we’ve come to form a great team. We hope you can enjoy our book finds and have fun reading with us.

I’m just a girl with a passion for books, I moved to South Florida from Venezuela when I was sixteen. A perfect day for me is staying at home wrapped up in a book while enjoying a glass of red wine. I’m also a travel enthusiast, I love to discover new places and different cultures and in this blog I’ll share my travel tips with you all as well.

Some of my favorite authors are Kristen Ashley, Penny Reid, Susan Fanetti and  Tiffany Reisz just to name a few. I love stories with angst, Alpha Males and strong heroines. I tend to stay away from love triangles but other than that I’m open to reading anything.

Thank you for visiting our page and I hope you will be part of our adventures.


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