Title: The Sugar Rush Boxed Set
Author: Nina Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2020


Taste the
men of the Sugar Rush Candy Company. From rigid CEO Luke Stone to notorious bad
boy Tyler Stone, these brothers (and their charismatic father) collide with
smart, sassy, sexy women who fire up their lust, muddle their brains, and bring
them to their knees. Savor the journeys of these five couples as they discover
just how delicious life and love can be.
The Sugar
Rush books are sexy contemporary romances that can be read as standalones or
enjoyed as part of the series.

Can a sexy bohemian bakery owner teach a rigid CEO how to taste the sweetness
of life?

Warning! Contains chocolate eclairs, skinny dipping, hard candy, hammocks,
hippie music festivals, and super hot tent sex.


Heartbreaker Evan Stone offers to teach world traveler Hannah about love, but
can they keep the lessons temporary?

Warning! Contains Sparkle Pops, knee-high socks, wanderlust, road trips, and
wicked acts involving a chocolate mousse cake laced with Kahlua and ancho


Efficient Kate Darling needs lessons in seduction, and hot bad boy Tyler Stone
is the perfect teacher. But falling in love isn’t part of the curriculum.

Warning! Contains kitchen sex, disco music, classic cars, pancakes at 2:00
a.m., dirty movies, alphabetizing, and bad puns.


Vibrant, flirty Mia is pink glitter and rainbows. Security chief Gavin is steel
and pain. What happens when their worlds collide?

Warning! Contains caramel coffee with rainbow sprinkles, fairy coloring books,
Rodents Of Unusual Size, and a hot controlling hero who does dirty things with
a whoopie pie.


He knows if she’s been bad or good.

Ice queen Julia Bennett is hot for Sugar Rush CEO Warren Stone…but will an
explosive, sexy night shatter their longtime friendship?

Warning! Contains Christmas peppermint martinis, Grinchiness, designer gowns,
red stilettos, mountains, Rubik’s Cubes, mulled wine, and mistletoe sex.

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Author Bio

New York
Times & USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances
about professors, bad boys, candy makers, and protective alpha males who find themselves
consumed with love for one woman alone. Nina is also the founder of WHERE I
WRITE (, a website dedicated to the creative writing spaces
of your favorite authors.
from California, Nina holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and
Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization. She
also enjoys traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone
should visit at least once. Although Nina would go back to college for another
degree because she’s that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now
lives the happy life of a full-time writer.

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