REVIEW – KISS KING by Mickey Miller


Imagine this:
Your chest overloads with butterflies while his strong hands press your arms over your head.
You stare into the eyes of the brutally handsome Campus King as you recoil, floored from the most passionate kiss of your life.
His words to you?
“Let’s just be friends.”

Have you felt a pull so strong to be with someone that it actually…terrified you?
For me, that person is Grant Taylor: Campus King. The man is tall, handsome, and thoughtful. A pre-ordained baseball god headed for the majors and a big paycheck.
Our plan to be ‘just friends’ is going perfectly fine until one fateful summer night, when the King kisses me on a balcony like I’m his Juliet.
I never thought I could melt just from a man’s lips on mine.

I never knew a mysterious man like Grant would be the one I fall for.
The more we try to stay just friends, the more he haunts my dreams.
The more he haunts my dreams, the more I want to give into temptation.
One night…I finally do.
And it’s everything.
But a romance as hot as ours never comes without complications.

When I arrived to college, I thought I knew who I wanted to be.
I thought I knew what love was.
Turns out, I knew nothing before I met Grant Taylor.
I never knew you could fall in love with your best friend.
Life will never be the same again.
Because I should have known better than to kiss the king.



*****Dee’s Review*****

4.5 Friends to Lovers STARS*****




What do you do when the one that makes your heart beat faster, your skin temperature race and the one to mess up your focus entirely, is your own best friend? That’s a big dilemma, and one both Grant and Maya are having in KISS KING.

Their chemistry is simply magnetic, they not only have intense feelings for each other but they have great trust in one another, and both are afraid to mess that up if they act upon their feelings.

Maya’s life is going through a transition since her parents announced their divorce. She now has to figure out how to pay for her very expensive tuition, and to pick a major once and for all. While Maya is pretty much confused about everything, there’s always one person by her side, willing to help, willing to support her in any way; Grant.

Grant is smart, handsome, and just a great guy. His instinct and sensibility are just as great as his sexy looks. He’s never really even thought about love or commitment, but one thing he is sure about is how much Maya means to him and he is willing to do anything for her.

If they finally decide to cross over to lovers’ territory, can they indulge in the delicious passion without messing up a beautiful friendship?

I’m a fan of college-themed romances so when the author offered me the book of course I accepted. I’ve been looking for a fun, sexy read to entertain me for the weekend, but honestly, this story gave me so much more than just a sexy smile. Yes it’s steamy, yes it’s fun, but it reads in a way that answers questions you have in your mind and maybe your heart, and perhaps were too scared to ask. These characters are complex, their many layers will resonate with you in one way or another. Because we’ve all been scared or confused about love, friendship, or about what move to make next in life. I love it when a story surprises me like this when it gives me everything I was hoping for and more.

Mickey Miller is taking readers on a beautiful and romantic ride with this story, and many parts of it will stay with you forever. The good news is this story is filled with other wonderful characters that promise to bring us new, and exciting stories, so enjoy and stay tuned for more from this author.



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