REVIEW – DOWN TOO DEEP (Dirty Deeds, #4) by J. Daniels


Fans of Christina Lauren and Colleen Hoover will love this sexy and emotional fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Dirty Deeds series.

Following the sudden death of his wife, Nathan Bell has spent nearly two years burying himself in work and neglecting his biggest responsibility: his daughter. Overcome with guilt, he wants to connect with little Marley, but he doesn’t know how to do it alone. And then Jenna Savage throws him a lifeline.

A single mom of twins, Jenna is more than capable of taking care of Nate’s adorable two-year-old, and wants to help Nathan however she can. Soon, attachments are made, forcing Jenna and her kids into new territory. And the closer everyone becomes, the more right it feels.

Falling in love forces Nathan to face his biggest fear, and when hearts, both big and little, are on the line, the only thing scarier than needing someone is losing them all.


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

My heart had become its own protector. It let me love, but it held me back. It hoped, just like it always did, but it wouldn’t believe anymore in the certainty of what I was feeling. With every wish it allowed, it whispered caution behind it. Be careful. You know how I can break.


J. Daniels has finished off the ”Dirty Deeds” series with a story that will have your hearts soaring and your temperatures rising. I have been anxiously anticipating the release of Nate’s book and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait!! I am so torn between Stitch and Nate as my favorite Heroes from this series. I guess I do have a soft spot for romances with single fathers. Nate’s relationship with his little girl, Marley, had me swooning hard over him. Jenna was his true soul mate. I loved how the two were so perfect for each other and that their children played crucial roles in the plot development.


Nate’s wife died nearly two years ago and since that time he has thrown himself into running his restaurant, Whitecaps. Leaving his baby daughter with his parents to watch over, who at first were accommodating to help Nate through his grief but now his parents no longer want to play the role of permanent babysitters. Nate feels like his world has been turned upside down. He has no idea how to care for Marley as he never spent enough time with her to form that special father/daughter bond. He runs into Jenna at his restaurant when she stops by with her twins to have a bite to eat. She immediately becomes smitten with Nate’s cute little girl and offers to help him out by babysitting her while he’s at work.


Jenna not only helps Nate get to know Marley, but she also ends up stirring up feelings he never thought he would be capable of again! These two had serious chemistry, but they also formed almost an instant emotional connection through their easy friendship and mutual adoration over their children. Jenna has never been with a man who was worthy enough of her and her twins. Nate is the first man to show her true affection and who also genuinely cares for Oliver and Olivia. She’s falling fast for him, but Nate is still haunted by his wife’s death and carries so much guilt over it deep inside him. Can he let go of the past or will it destroy his chances at a beautiful future?



Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 5
Heroine: 4.5
Plot: 4.5
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 4.5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

DOWN TOO DEEP is currently available! What an epic conclusion to an amazing series!!



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