REVIEW – MOTION (Laws of Physics, #1) by Penny Reid


Forced to lie to protect her sister . . .
From the New York Times Bestselling Author, Penny Reid

One week.
Home alone.
Girl genius.
Unrepentant slacker.
Big lie.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Mona is a smart girl and figured everything out a long time ago. She had to. She didn’t have a choice. When your parents are uber-celebrities and you graduate from high school at fifteen, finish college at eighteen, and start your PhD program at nineteen, you don’t have time for distractions outside of your foci. Even fun is scheduled. Which is why Abram, her brother’s best friend, is such an irritant.

Abram is a talented guy, a supremely gifted musician, and has absolutely nothing figured out, nor does he seem to care. He does what he feels, when he feels, and—in Mona’s opinion—he makes her feel entirely too much.

Laws of Physics is the second trilogy in the Hypothesis series; Laws of Physics parts 1 (MOTION) & 2 (SPACE) end with a cliffhanger.


*****Dee’s Review*****

10 MILLION STARS of Awesome ****************

A Penny Reid book at its finest. Hilariously entertaining, slow burn romance, and amazing characters that will be the stars of your dreams, for months after reading this gorgeous



Mona has an identical twin sister, but in reality, they are polar opposites when it comes to their personalities. Mona is very much into her studies, Physics, books, and research. Her sister on the other hand mostly enjoys socializing and is always searching for her next, great, fun adventure. But when her sister Lisa came to Mona desperately looking for help, Mona couldn’t possibly turn her away, even if helping her goes against everything she believes in.

The only good thing that comes with Mona’s tricky new reality is Abram. The drop dead gorgeous, and talented musician that is torturing Mona’s days with all his hotness.

You’ll laugh your booty off with tons of Physics jokes, you’ll fall in love with Abram’s charms, and Mona will both captivate you, and inspire you with her smarts and inner beauty. This book has a never-ending flow of awesomeness and entertainment.

Reading a Penny Reid book to me is always like eating my most favorite meal, at my most favorite restaurant, in my favorite city; a trifecta of pleasure. But with this book, she really takes us readers to a whole new level of fresh, and yet familiar experience. I will be desperately waiting for all books in this series to release, so I can read them all, and then re-read, and then read again, for EVER!!!!!!






*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}




I was the worst kind of hypocrite, acting like I had all this moral authority. Meanwhile, I was a lying liar of lies, sitting on a throne of lies, eating lie soup and liar cake.

MOTION, the latest release by Penny Reid is filled with her signature humor and oddball quirky characters. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout the story and while the steam level is lukewarm, the story is what will hold readers’ interest.

Mona DaVinci is a nineteen-year-old science prodigy. She’s graduated college years ahead of her time and is on her way to earning her Ph.D. Mona walks to the beat of her own drum, saying bizarre quotes that she believes are perfect in any given conversation. Mona’s research is her life. She couldn’t care less about fashion, makeup, or the glamorous life her parents live. She’s also not in the least bit close with her identical twin, Lisa who is her polar opposite. Lisa is the “bad twin” who is always making poor life choices. Lisa’s escapades have made for good tabloid fodder.




Mona gets a call from her sister from jail. Lisa begs her to go home and pretend to be her for a week so that their parents don’t find out about her incarceration and cut off all financial support. It takes a lot of begging but Mona eventually gives in and agrees to be Lisa for a week. While she’s at home, she will be under house arrest and the person watching her every move is her brother’s best-friend, Abram.

Mona has never met Abram before, and he’s only met Lisa once, so Lisa is convinced Mona will be able to pull off the hoax. What Mona didn’t prepare for was the strong attraction she ends up feeling for Abram. No man has ever gotten under her skin before and it’s making her feel out of sorts.

Things get complicated for Mona when she senses there’s a mutual attraction building between her and Abram. Her conscience is holding her back from acting on her feelings. Their time together has a fast-approaching expiration date once Lisa is able to return home. Will the chances of a romance between Abram and Mona die once the truth of her identity is revealed?

The book ends on a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for silly and lovable Mona!

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 4
Heroine: 4
Plot: 5
Angst: 4
Steam: 3
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4.5

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