REVIEW – SUIT (44 Chapters, #4) by B.B. Easton


Because BB Easton had so much fun writing her bestselling, award-winning memoir, 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN, she decided to give each of her four men his own steamy standalone. SUIT is Ken’s book—the hilarious, heartwarming tale of how BB finally got over her bad boy phase and found happily ever after with…gasp…a guy in a tie. 

“Since when are you into guys in ties? You only like guys who look like they rob guys in ties. At gunpoint.”

It was true. By 2003, my type had been well-established. There might as well have been a giant sign on my heart that said, Good Guys Need Not Apply.

Which is exactly why I had to friend-zone Ken Easton. The man was a former football star, smelled like fresh laundry instead of stale cigarettes, and had more ties in his closet than tattoos on his knuckles. Pssh. BOR-ING.

But the more I got to know my hunky study buddy, the more questions I came away with. Questions like: Why doesn’t he date? Why does he avoid human touch? Why does he hate all things fun and wonderful?

The psychology student in me became obsessed with getting inside Ken’s head, while the spoiled brat in me became obsessed with getting inside his heart.

In 2003, I found the one thing I love more than bad boys…

A good challenge.



*****Dee’s Review*****

INFINITE STARS ************

(I apologize for the use of bad words in this review. I couldn’t help myself, B.B brings out the rebel in me)

By now I hope the whole world knows how deep my obsession for B.B Easton’s books run. Pretty fucking deep, I tell you. Why? Because her writing is powerful, poignant and personal.

I was a little nervous about reading Suit because first, I’m not one to fantasize about anybody’s husband (it’s just girl code), and second, because let’s be honest, stories about a husband and wife can be boring. But this book is anything BUT boring. Their story is tender yet wild, perfect yet flawed, passionate and heartbreaking. And with all the respect in the world toward Mrs. Easton, Ken is seriously, scorching hot! In my defense, I promise you, I was picturing my own hot, accountant husband while reading this book. So I didn’t feel like a complete inappropriate perv.



This book is about ”The One.”

BB met the one at a friend’s house, and didn’t even know it. They were friends for a while, and while she was out there getting her heart broken, Ken was always there. He was the quiet, shy guy, without any tattoos, and always wearing work out clothes. She thought of him as “Pajama Guy”.

One night at a party Ken shows up wearing a Suit sooooo well, that BB simply couldn’t help but notice him. But how? How can I guy who doesn’t drink, doesn’t like drugs, and doesn’t have any tattoos or body piercings can be so utterly hot? Well, turns out this man could set BB on fire like no other man ever did. Like people say it’s always the quiet ones…

The thing about this story is that it’s real. Ken wasn’t a rich CEO, with amazing romantic one liners. And BB wasn’t the confident heroine, with the amazing body and picture ready hair. They are two real, flawed, people who fell in love. And it was hard, beautiful, messy and everything else in between. Their story becomes yours, this book is written with so much heart that you can’t help but fall utterly in love with it.

This is the fourth installment in the series of 44 Chapters, About 4 Men , and if you asked me after reading every single one, which one was my favorite, I couldn’t possibly tell you, not even if you put a gun to my head. Each book owned my heart, took my breath, and my words away. With each book, I learned a little bit more about BB, and also about myself. This author has an amazing talent in which with her honesty, and her storytelling she reached deep inside my soul, and I will forever love her for it.

So don’t waste any more fucking time, go one click every single book in this series. To help you get to these amazing reads faster, I’ve added all the purchase links below, and I’ve also included a music playlist created by me, but also be sure to check out B.B Easton page on Spotify because she created music playlists to go with every book. Happy reading!!!!

Purchase links:
44 Chapters About 4 Men: A Memoir

SKIN (A 44 Chapters Novel Book 1)

SPEED (A 44 Chapters Novel Book 2)

STAR (A 44 Chapters Novel Book 3)

SUIT (A 44 Chapters Novel Book 4) Out on 10/18

My Suit Music Playlist:
*Head Over Feet (Live) by Alanis Morrisette
*Naked by James Arthur
*Words by Birdy
*Call Me Back by Young The Giant
*Let Me by Zayn
*Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga
*Today by Joshua Radin

B.B Easton on Spotify:…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤




*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provied by Author}

As soon as Ken cursed and collapsed on top of me, I smiled even bigger than Julia Roberts trying not to cry in Hugh Grant’s bookstore. Because I wasn’t a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her anymore. I was a girl, lying under a manwho loved her more than she’d ever thought possible.




I had only read one of the books in the ”44 Chapters” series prior to SUIT, and I became an instant fangirl over B.B. Easton. I loved STAR so much that BB was instantly a top favorite for me. When Ken was introduced in the last book, I was really intrigued by him and I could sense an attraction building between him and BB. I really wasn’t expecting the story that unfolds in SUIT. I had a really hard time finding any reason to like Ken and the level of angst in this one was almost painful at times.

Ken was a complete robot throughout most of this book. I often wondered what B.B. saw in him other than his physical attractiveness. I just didn’t like that he was emotionally unavailable and that B.B. had to initiate almost everything with him. She comes off so needy in this one and she definitely owns it at times.

I’m so happy that, in the end, the story takes a turn which left me more than satisfied. Fans of the ”44 Chapters” series will absolutely enjoy this last installment. I only wish I could ask the author which parts were true and which were embellished for the pure entertainment value.

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 4
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 4
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4

SUIT is currently available!!

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:

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