An athlete and an artist fall in love… 

Tortured artist. Popular jock. There’s a reason these stereotypes exist. We were them.

I didn’t meet Jackson Walker until junior year, but from that day forward, I knew my life would forever change. What I didn’t expect, what I didn’t anticipate, was my heart’s betrayal. That I would bend and break and fall helplessly in love with a man who wasn’t mine to keep.

Our love always reminded me of the painting, The Starry Night.

Captivating. Breathtaking. Surreal.

Looking back, that should have been the first red flag. Not only did Van Gogh paint the famous print while a patient in an insane asylum, but he also considered the piece a failure.

Worthless. Broken. Like me.

Still, I saw us reflected in the rich oils, in the thick brush strokes — Jackson’s eyes reflected in the sparkling stars, his smile the bright crescent moon winking in the inky night sky. His presence, massive, all-consuming, demanding attention.

My contributions weren’t so beautiful. I brought the darkness, the swirls of color spilling together like the murky memories of my mind. The dark shadow, the silhouette of the cypress tree looming in the foreground, mourning. Guarding hidden secrets, ugly truths.

He is light. I am darkness. And in the end, darkness always prevails.

Touching Down is a new adult college football romance. If you like shy yet sexy, hot yet sensitive and enough sizzle to melt your Kindle, then you’ll love this steamy romance by best-selling author CJ Martín.


*****Dee’s Review*****
4.5 Stars*****

I love discovering new authors, and I especially love it when the book turns out to be amazing. C.J Martín’s writing style is very unique, it has a lot of heart, and it’s impossible not to feel it traveling through your senses, like a beautiful song.

I found Touching Down to be a very heartwarming story. The characters and the story had many layers, and as I read I found myself falling in love with both the story and the author.




Jax is a college football star. He lives and breathes football, nothing else matters to him. Until one day, he meets a beautiful girl inside the men’s locker room. Jax is not one to be obsessed or to be unexplainable interested in girls; only because they throw themselves at him on the daily, but this girl is different and he can’t wait to find out more about her.

Brooklyn is an artist, and she’s been commissioned a project with the school’s football team. She much rather be home, eating junk food and watching Netflix than to be painting for a bunch of hot jocks, but her teacher is practically forcing her to complete this project. When she meets Jax Walker and then he shows interest in her, she can hardly believe it, the man is a walking work of art, but even if she believed or accepted his advances, she could never be with him, her dark secrets would never let her.

Little by little Jax breaks down Brooklyn’s walls, but once he discovers her dark truths will he stay, or would he leave her broken-hearted just like everyone else in her life?

I loved everything about this book, I was so pleasantly surprised to have loved it as much as I did. The writing style of this author is superb, her story craft impeccable and the characters totally unforgettable. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all my friends.

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