REVIEW – MUSE (Manhattan, #3) by Katy Evans


It was supposed to just be a quick trip to Manhattan.
My best friend was heartbroken. She needed support, and I needed inspiration.
I hoped to love the city. Bustling. Crazy. Inspiring New York.
But I ended up at the airport, heading home in the same condition that I arrived.
In a rut.
Add to all that, missing my flight and losing my laptop—the laptop, where the Best Love Story Ever sat on my hard drive.
Enter Noah Steele. Eerily familiar. Movie star. Heartthrob. Sultry romeo with bedroom eyes.
(But we’re not going there.)
He missed his flight too.
Noah is so smoldering, lip-bitingly hot, he’s not taken seriously as an actor, and is struggling to launch his career in New York.
He’s only ever had superficial girlfriends, so he’s having trouble showing true passion in his acting—the same challenge I’m having with this book.
When we met, we didn’t know that our connection would bring us the change we’d been craving.
That we’d be the very thing the other needed and didn’t know.
Each other’s muse.

** MUSE is a complete standalone, no previous reading is necessary to enjoy.



*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I reach my finger out and try to smooth out the crease of worry between her eyes. She’s quiet. She might be thinking of leaving. How she doesn’t want to. The chasm of unsaid things between us widens further. Soon it will be too late to say any of them at all.



Katy Evans has yet again delivered another wildly entertaining and steamy romance. At times, MUSE could even be considered a romantic comedy. It was light on angst, heavy on the schmexy and topped off with a swoony happily ever after! One thing is for certain, Ms. Evans knows how to create some truly incredible Heroes. Just one look at this cover and there’s no way you can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with Noah Steele.

I love a good romance with a Hollywood actor. There are a few that I hold dear to my heart. Noah Steele’s sweetness and charisma captivated me early on in the story. He’s a pretty easy going man who might have played the field in his past but isn’t closed off to the notion of finding that one special woman who could steal his heart and it looks like Rebecca might be his lady love.

The two meet at JFK airport where they both miss their flight to Dallas. Their steamy whirlwind romance takes place during their 16-hour layover in the big apple. The chemistry between Noah and Rebecca was palpable and I just knew that once these two gave in to their passion that their story was going to burn hotter than the sun.

But can a shy romance writer from Texas and a huge Hollywood A-Lister, have a chance at an HEA? Noah and Rebecca make the most out of their time together, believing that a forever for them is impossible. Will they be able to walk away from each other with their hearts still intact?

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 5
Heroine: 4.5
Plot: 4
Angst: 4
Steam: 4.5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

MUSE is currently available!

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