Probably the most candid, brutally honest, and often hilarious insight ever published into sex, dating, love, and heartbreak from a man’s perspective.

Fifty Shades of Greg is a sometimes graphic first-person recounting of modern-day dating experiences during the author’s seven year stay in Italy. No fairy tales, just the brutally straight truth from a real guy. One that could sometimes be described as a hopeless romantic, and other times a flaming a**hole. (There I said it.)

First date family planners? Stalkers? Romance novel reenactors? Obsessives? Sex freaks? Runaway brides? We’ve got you covered!

Often scarcely credible, and hilarious, we navigate the insanity of one man’s “love” (sex?) life… and the slow torture of his twisted soul.

So join Greg as he exposes himself (not like that), through his thoughts and experiences. It often isn’t pretty, he’ll probably be murdered by feminists, but it sure makes for a good read!

“No, seriously, you’ll be hooked.”

“Made me smile all the way through! From a feminist point of view (like a non-man-hating-feminist… the true kind). I thought it was both hilarious and deep.”

“I’ve never read anything that made me make so many shocked faces! People on the train would ask me what I was reading.”

“I couldn’t stop reading. Made me miss my bus stop a bunch of times!”

“This is brilliant!!!! Absolutely fantastic … saying so much truth and so much that people shy away from.”

“Goes from hilariously crass to surprisingly beautiful.”

-Feedback from actual women!


*****Dee’s Review*****

Five ++++ Everything Stars*****

Whenever I read a book and it makes me feel every kind of emotion posible, I know that’s a five star read for me. And that’s what I felt while reading this book, everything.

I came across this book on my feed; read the blurb and I thought it was interesting that it a was non-fiction story, written by a man about fifty of his dating experiences. Sounds interesting right?

I love unique stories, and sometimes we simply get too much of the same. But not with this book, oh no… You have to be ready, because when you open the pages of Fifty Shades Of Greg, you will get the beautiful, the bad, and the ugly about dating. And Greg has a hilarious sense of humor that will have you laughing throughout the book.



Greg starts us off easy, we go from love, to lust at a gradual pace. His writing style feels smart, eloquent, and I might even call it familiar. I say this because the tone of the book feels comfortable like if you are hanging out at your favorite bar, listening to your friend tell you crazy stories about his dating life over drinks.

As a thirty-something-year-old woman obsessed with romance and passion, it was such a treat to learn about the way this man thinks and feels about sex and love.

You have to have an open mind when you read this book because it will be sexy, filthy, raw and one hundred percent real. This man will show us all real aspects of his experiences, inner thoughts, and personality. I thought this was extremely brave, because the truth is that he could have picked, and choose what to reveal, he could have made himself look like a prince, but he didn’t, he showed us his true self; and good for him because it made his story, one hell of a read.

I felt truly entertained, and inspired by Greg’s story. This was one of those books that had me constantly thinking about it, to the point where I didn’t want to do anything else, other than read it. I’m so very happy I stumbled upon this book.

I love discovering new authors. There are so many talented storytellers out there. Greg Archer is definitely an author whose work you want to check out. So, open up your mind, and perhaps a delicious bottle of wine, and join Greg on his crazy ride.

My Fifty Shades Of Greg music playlist:
*Used To Love Her-Live In Japan/1988 by Guns N’ Roses
*Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey
*You’re In Love With A Psycho by Kasabian
*Over You by Ingrid Michaelson
*Sex And Candy by Maroon Five
*Use Me by Bill Withers
*I Feel it Coming by The Weekend
*Magic by ColdPlay

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