REVIEW – CHURCH (Church #1) by Stylo Fantôme


A broken girl.

An unusual boy.

A beautiful face that hides a dark secret and an ugly past.

Sealed lips which hide wicked words and dangerous thoughts.

She would kill for him to love her.

He just wants to kill.

Maybe, if Emma Hartley prays hard enough, Church Logan can make both their wishes come true.

Fuse, meet match.

warning: if you have triggers – this story will touch on a lot of them. This book is a psychological thriller, 65,000+ words. 


*****Dee’s Review*****

Five Dark & Delicious Stars*****

The reason why I love reading a Stylo Fatôme book is that she writes the exact kind of dark I want to read, and she’s not afraid to do it and writes it so beautifully.



Church is a character like no other; a strikingly beautiful man that terrorizes everyone around him without even speaking one word. He is odd, extremely smart, and complicated. His father has recently married a woman, and she has a daughter, Emma.

Emma comes from a trailer park, her mother has abused her and neglected her since she was born. Every husband and boyfriend her mother has ever had, has abused Emma in some way or another, including her own father.

Church and Emma are both dark and broken, and from the moment they met, it was like looking in a mirror inside their own souls. Finally, they have found someone who understands the kind of darkness they each carry inside. Instead of becoming victims, both Church and Emma bask in the pain and embrace the brokenness, and use it to enjoy life.

Their story is passionate, obsessive, dark and totally delectable. The book ends on a mild cliffhanger, nothing crazy that will make you pull your hair out, but a promise that there is more to come, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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