REVIEW – ONLY HIM (One and Only #2) by Melanie Harlow


Sometimes your first love deserves a second chance.

He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first everything.
But I’m not a lovesick teenager anymore, and I’d never let that cocky troublemaker break my heart again.
So when he shows up out of the blue asking me to have dinner with him “for old time’s sake,” I say I will. After all, it’s been twelve years, and I’m stronger and smarter than I was back then.
Except…he still does something to me. He’s got those eyes that make me weak, those hands that drive me wild, and a body I can’t resist—especially once I see the tattoos. It doesn’t take long for our trip down memory lane to go from sweet to sizzling.
We’re just as good together as we were back then—better, even—and I’m willing to give the only man I’ve ever loved another chance.
But he’s got to tell me the truth.

* * *

All I wanted was to see her again. Tell her I’m sorry. Make her smile.
Okay, that’s a lie. I wanted to do more than that—a lot more. But I know she’s better off without me, and I promised myself I’d behave.
Except I’ve never been much good at keeping promises…or my hands to myself when I’m around her.
I can make her laugh, I can make her cry, I can make her body surrender to mine in ways that neither of us could have imagined back then. I can—and I do—love her more than she’ll ever know.
But I can’t tell her the real reason why I’m here.
And I can’t stay.


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

It was then and it was now and there was never a time when our bodies didn’t crave this heat and our hearts didn’t share this rhythm and our souls weren’t always leading us right back to this place, this feeling, this moment. I clung to it as if it could save me from drowning.



ONLY HIM is an emotional second chance romance that will tug at your heartstrings. This second installment of the ”One and Only” series focuses on the youngest of the Devine sisters, Maren. If you haven’t picked up ”ONLY YOU which is Emme and Nate’s “friends-to-lovers” story, you really need to make time for it. Although each book can be read as a standalone, the series is pretty amazing and you’ll want to meet each of the Devine sisters.

We barely got a chance to know what Maren was all about in the first installment. What we learn in her story is that she has a big heart and would do anything for her loved ones. She may come off as a hippie chick with weird beliefs but there is depth to this character. Maren has only ever had one great romance in her life and it was her high school sweetheart and first love, Dallas Shepherd. At the tender age of sixteen, her heart was shattered by the boy who was her world, when he unexpectedly left town without a goodbye or explanation for Maren. Twelve years later, she hasn’t forgotten her first love and no man has ever measured up to him in her eyes.



One day she gets the shock of her life when Dallas shows up on her front doorstep. He claims he’s felt horrible for the way he left things with Maren and wanted to make amends and tie up loose ends. At first, Maren unleashes all of her pent up anger and hurt on him, but it doesn’t take long before she offers Dallas her forgiveness.

Dallas is only in town for a couple days and he and Maren end up going out to dinner. Reminiscing about old times plus strong feelings that never died soon have the two tangled up in a passionate affair that they stupidly believe they can walk away from after their weekend together is over.



Maren thinks that maybe this is finally her chance at a happily ever after and Dallas is giving her all the right signals. But Dallas isn’t being completely honest with her and now this is the second Hero in this series that I had a hard time with because he was such a coward!

Will Maren get the love and the forever after that she deserves?

Here are my overall ratings

Hero: 4
Heroine: 4.5
Plot: 4
Angst: 4
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

ONLY HIM is currently available!

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