REVIEW – ONE BABY DADDY (Dating by Numbers #3) by Meghan Quinn


“What are you doing now that your team is out of the running for the Stanley Cup?”


I need to forget. I need an escape.

Only one person isn’t falling for my reputation as the NHL’s Golden Boy; she captured my attention the minute she called me out for snooping through my best friend’s house. She didn’t want to hear my reason — she only wanted to playfully give me a hard time.

Adalyn is bold, sassy— and the perfect escape.

She’s everywhere. In town and in my dreams, and suddenly I need to spend every waking moment with her.

And I do, making this summer the best off-season I’ve ever had.

But in the midst of getting lost in Adalyn, what I don’t expect is to get her pregnant.

And what I definitely don’t expect is having to fight for her affection.



*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Her voice is meek with a hint of desperation, like she’s been waiting all her life for this one kiss, for my lips to be pressed against hers. And for one of the first times in my life, I’m scared. I’m scared of what this kiss might do to me, of how it will change me as a man, because Adalyn isn’t just any girl. She could be THE girl for any lucky son of a bitch. No doubt in my mind she’s someone you only come across once in a lifetime, and fuck if I’m not nervous to take the next step, to see if my gut reaction is right, that this girl is my game changer.


Ever since ”Three Blind Dates”, I’ve been ANXIOUS to get my hands on Hayden’s book! Most readers were in love with Beck, “the rebel” from ”Two Wedding Crashers”, but I’ve always been a goner for a hot hockey player!! I was so crazy about him that I couldn’t see the lack of chemistry between him and Noely in book one. However, I knew this man was something truly special and I think I might love his story the most out of this truly amazing series! Get ready for some gut-wrenching angst and make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy because I guarantee you, tears will be shed. This is by far the most angsty and heartfelt story in this trio of amazing books!



The story takes place a little before the timeline in ”Three Blind Dates”. Hayden is currently playing for the Philadelphia Brawler’s who just lost their shot at the Stanley Cup playoffs. Feeling bummed and needing some time to himself, he decides to make a trip back to his old hometown of Binghamton, where he catches up with his old buddy from high school, Racer. Racer is still one of my top favorite heroes created by Meghan Quinn and he’s as funny as ever in this story. While at Racer’s house for a “welcome home” party, Hayden runs into Adalyn and is instantly knocked off his ass. We met Adalyn in ”My Best Friend’s Ex”, she is Emma’s close friend from nursing school. Adalyn and Racer became really good friends and he feels overly protective of her, and so he warns Hayden to stay away from her. But his warning only ignites Hayden’s interest that much more.

Soon enough Hayden and Adalyn start secretly spending time together since they don’t want to deal with Racer’s wrath. It’s a slow and torturous burn between them as Hayden is the one who delays anything sexual happening between them. He’s really crazy about Adalyn and wants to take things slow so that whatever is building between them



Adalyn is the problem in this coupling. One thing about Meghan Quinn’s heroines, you either LOVE them or HATEthem, and I was leaning towards a strong dislike to hatred for Adalyn. She’s never really had a relationship with a man because she hasn’t stayed with one long enough to see how things could work out. It was clear from day one that Hayden wasn’t like any of the other guys she’s been with. Her fears were completely baseless.

It took an eternity before they became intimate but holy hell was it sure worth the wait!! Just when things seem to be going perfectly for them, the couple is torn apart and I blame Adalyn for all of it. After she finds out that she’s pregnant I end up disliking her, even more, when she decides to keep the news from Hayden.



There’s a tremendous amount of angst and drama when Adalyn’s close friend, Logan, is added to the mix. Logan is always there to support Adalyn and from day one, Hayden has despised him. Will another man and thousands of miles between them, doom Hayden and Adalyn’s relationship forever?

This book was INCREDIBLE in my opinion. I loved the plot, the steam, and most of all I fell head over heels more in love with Hayden. He made this book a “Five Star” read for me. Even though I don’t think Adalyn was good enough for him and I wanted to throw my iPad against the wall because of her, I couldn’t help but be consumed by this book!

Here are my overall ratings

Hero: 5+++++
Heroine: 3
Plot: 5
Angst: 5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

ONE BABY DADDY is currently available and DEFINITELY worth a one-click! I hope Meghan Quinn never stops writing because I can’t get enough of her incredible stories!

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