REVIEW – NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (Twin Estates, #4) by Stylo Fantôme


Rules to Join The Neighborhood Watch:

1. If you see something, say something

2. Report all illegal activities to the authorities

3. Do not associate with criminals

4. And certainly don’t fall for them!

Tori Bellows is a really good friend. She’s always there when a shoulder is needed to cry on, to give dating advice, or for a good ol’ time. Now, though, Tori is the one who needs a shoulder to lean on when she’s in a tough spot. But all of her friends are too busy with their own lives.

Enter the Twin Estates’ resident bad boy, Landon Edenhoff. When he offers her an all expenses paid vacation, she’s immediately suspicious – he’s rarely nice and his intentions are never good. But she’s ready for a change of scenery and knows she can give as good as she gets from Mr. Rude & Nasty himself.

After all, how bad could this neighbor really be?


*****Dee’s Review*****

An Explosion Of Stars *******



There aren’t enough stars to properly rate Neighborhood Watch. I had read reviews from other people about this book and was stunned to hear people call Neighborhood Watch the best book of The Twin States Series. Only because, I’ve personally loved every single book, so much. I believe this is the first time I’ve read a series where I consistently adored every book. Each story has been intense and entertaining. All the characters complement each other so well, and I swear they just get better, funnier, and sexier. With this new book, I was once again blown away. Landon and Tori are a force to be reckoned with. Their relationship was like a Hurricane category five, taking every emotion, every single one of your breaths, and every beat of your heart on a whirlwind, so intense, you are not going to know what hit you. Truly a phenomenal story.

We know Landon is Liam’s twin brother. They are equally good looking and funny, but Landon has more of a darker personality. He is a bad boy through and through. We also know Tori has been harboring a crush on Liam, and know that he has a new girlfriend she’s devastated. In comes the good doctor, Landon to try to save her heart. Mind you, he does it in the least possible romantic way. In a way, he finally breaks her, completely, before putting her back together again.

Tori had been totally lost. She was just going through life watching out for everyone, and never paying too much mind about her own self. She never expected that it was going to be Landon, the crazy, sexy, dirty mouth doctor, who was going to be the light that would guide her on her new path.

I love how broken and messy Landon and Tori are. They love and fight with the same extreme intensity. Every chapter in this book is emotional and full of passion, it’s one of those stories you won’t be able to put down for even just one second.

Stylo Fatôme is going down in history for creating the most beautiful and multidimensional characters. And The Twin States Series is hands down, my most favorite, EVER!!!!!

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