Flint Hopkins finds the perfect tenant to rent the space above his Minneapolis-based law office.

All the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted on Ellen’s application. Her references are good. And she’s easy on the eyes.

Until …

Flint discovers Ellen Rodgers, Board-Certified Music Therapist, plays music. Bongos, guitars, singing—not Beethoven administered through noise-cancelling headphones.

The cut-throat attorney serves up an eviction notice to the bubbly, constantly humming redhead who’s too sexy for her own good. But luck is on Ellen’s side when Flint’s autistic son, Harrison, takes an instant liking to her. A single dad can’t compete with guitars—and rats. Yes, she has pet rats.

This woman …

She’s annoyingly happy with a constant need to touch him—adjust his tie, button his shirt, invade his space, and mess with his mind.

Still …

She must go.

Their lust-hate relationship escalates into something beautiful and tragic. This sexy, romantic-comedy explores the things we want, the things we need, and the impossible decisions parents and children make to survive.


*****Dee’s Review*****

5++++ Hopeful Stars *****

Raw and beautiful. Look The Part is a story that evoked a million emotions in me as I was reading it. The characters and the story felt so real and relatable. I have no doubt that anyone who reads this book will fall irrevocably in love with Harrison, Ellen, and Flint.




Flint Hopkins was living inside his own personal hell until a new tenant, Ellen Rodgers rented the space above his office, and starts to turn his world upside down one musical note at a time.

Ellen is a music therapist that always smiles, and gives it to you straight no matter what. She too has a lot of emotional baggage but she copes with her painful past, in the opposite way Flint does.

In the equation of Flint plus Ellen, the result equals a powerful explosion. They fight hard and they do other things even harder.

Harrison, Flint’s autistic son is a beautiful and amazing character that sort of symbolizes a truce between Flint and Ellen. And then the three of them eventually form a sweet bond that ultimately will save them from all the heartache of the past.

A beautiful story from beginning to end. I really loved everything about it. Don’t hesitate, read it today.


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

We’re that moment of light and whisper of hope that sprouts from the barren ground after the end of the world. It’s not him. It’s not me. It’s us. We defy the laws of existence. We are forgiveness and redemption. What we have is not a victory against all odds, it’s the inevitable.



There are a few things that can be said of Jewel’s books. They are unique and phenomenal. You can just tell she puts a lot of her soul into her writing and that she’s one of those authors who takes the time to get it right instead of hitting ”Publish” just to meet her quota! LOOK THE PART has a flawed Hero haunted by a tragic past. The Heroine has her unconventional quirks and an over the top sassy attitude. Their journey to love everlasting is filled with many obstacles and unexpected twists and that’s what made this such an entertaining read.

Flint Hopkins is a successful lawyer and father of a twelve-year-old boy who is mildly autistic. His life was turned upside down ten years ago when his wife died in a car accident. Caring for his son, Harrison, has become Flint’s life’s purpose. There is no room in his heart for anyone else and he truly believes that he doesn’t deserve another shot at happiness. He wasn’t expecting that the new tenant in his office building was going to barrel through his world like a tornado and awaken something in him that he thought died along with his wife.

Ellen Rodgers is a music therapist who’s moved to a new town in hopes of making a fresh start. She’s been burned badly by love and doesn’t think her heart could take another beating. The minute she meets her new landlord, her hormones take over her brain and she finds it nearly impossible to refrain from jumping his bones. She’s a sucker for the beautiful man who looks killer in a three-piece suit. But the two don’t necessarily get off on the right foot when Ellen’s sessions with her patients immediately grate on Flint’s nerves. Apparently, he didn’t realize that part of her therapy sessions involves the playing of loud instruments.

The two have some heated arguments when Flint decides to evict her, but when Harrison starts to develop a friendship with Ellen over their music appreciation and her four pet rats, Flint realizes it’s not going to be that easy to get rid of her. And whenever these two get a moment alone, passion takes over and neither of them can fight it.

I loved how Ellen genuinely bonded with Harrison and that she never sugarcoated Flint’s past for him. Her love was constant and unwavering. And Flint, he was surprising. At first, he seemed to be an uptight suit unable to show compassion but as the story unfolds and all his layers were peeled back, we see that this man has an unbelievably huge heart who would go to any lengths to protect and care for the people he loves.



Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Heroes: 4.5
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4
Angst: 4
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4.5

LOOK THE PART is currently available! It’s a no-brainer that this is a must-read!

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

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