REVIEW – HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN (Cracks Duet #2) by L.H. Cosway


He came back to me 16 minutes and 59 seconds into Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7.

We parted amid tragedy, so it seemed poetic. Dylan O’Dea, my childhood sweetheart, had once meant everything to me. Now we were strangers, and honestly, after eleven years I never thought I’d see him again.

I lived in the world of the average, of getting paid by the hour and budgeting to make ends meet. But Dylan, he lived in the world of wealth and success. He’d achieved the great things I always suspected he would. The dissatisfaction he’d felt as a teenager had obviously been an excellent motivator.

He started a business from scratch, pioneered a brand, and created perfumes adored by women across the globe. I was just one of the people who’d been there before. Now he was living his best life in the after.

And me, well, I’d been in a dark place for a while. Slowly but surely, I was letting the light back in, but there was something missing. I was an unfinished sentence with an ellipsis at the end. And maybe, if I was brave enough to take the chance, Dylan could be my happy ending.

How the Light Gets In is Book #2 and the concluding installment in L.H. Cosway’s Cracks duet.


*****Dee’s Review*****

4 Bright Stars****

This book is the second part of The Cracks Duet. It was a sweet and beautiful conclusion to a truly captivating story.

These two best friends and lovers were never able to get over each other, and now ten years later, little by little the old cracks of the heart will finally fill up, so love can flourish once again.



Evelyn stayed behind in the horrible town that took away all the beautiful parts of her life. Dylan left in hopes to one day come back and take his precious girl with him. But Evelyn’s heart felt broken beyond compared, plus she needed to stay and take care of her grandmother.

10 years have passed since Evelyn lost her love and now she finds herself in New York City with the mission of starting over. Little does she know that the beautiful boy she once quit will be waiting for her, offering her not only a new world but something she thought she would never have again…hope.

This was one of the sweetest novels I’ve ever read. The words tasted like candy and I swear I could even smell all the flowers, as I was reading about the meaningful scents Dylan and Evelyn were creating together. This is a book about hope and second chances. Fantastic read, one I would definitely recommend to all my friends.


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

The way he looked at me was all-consuming. Most people could only dream of being looked at in such a way. And there he was right in front of me, his eyes telling me I could have him if only I was brave enough to reach out and take. He made me weak. He made me want. Every part of me fizzled with the need to feel his touch, to touch him.



HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN picks up eleven years after where the first installment ends. YES. ELEVEN YEARS!! I may have screamed and cried a bit!! Oh, so much time lost for our Hero and Heroine. You could feel just how much in love this couple was and for them to lose over a decade of being in each other’s universe felt like the biggest travesty!

Evelyn is twenty-nine and has been living in New York with her Aunt Yvonne for two months. After her Gran passed away, there was nothing left for Ev in Ireland, and her Aunt convinced her to come to New York. Yvonne sets Ev up with a bartending job at a restaurant she manages. Eleven years after her tragic loss, Ev still has lost the joyous and carefree soul that used to reside within her. She has been wandering aimlessly through life, but she’s in for a shock when Yvonne invites an unexpected guest for dinner…Dylan! She’s completely stunned, and a little embarrassed by how her life has turned out because Dylan pursued his dreams and has become a highly successful entrepreneur. His fragrance line is sold all over the world at his chain of high-end fragrance boutiques.

She tries to keep Dylan at a distance, but the man is determined more than ever to have her back in his life. He lost her twice and there’s no way he’s letting Ev slip through his fingers again. Every time they are together you can almost feel his adoration pouring out from the pages of the book. I fell even harder for Dylan. What I couldn’t understand was why Ev kept trying to fight it and why at times she almost seemed resentful, when she was the one that sent him away all those years ago. I wanted a Heroine that was more deserving of his love.

Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Heroes: 5
Heroine: 3.5
Plot: 4
Angst: 4
Steam: 4
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4.5

HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN releases on February 6th!


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