REVIEW – SWEET LIFE (Sugar Rush, #5) by Nina Lane


He knows if she’s been bad or good.

Amidst the sugarplums and mistletoe, fashion stylist Julia Bennett is every inch a scrooge. Known for her ice-queen ways, she’s having a meltdown over a botched business deal and an upcoming milestone birthday. Add the pressure of forced holiday cheer, and she’s ready to dive into the spiked eggnog and not come out until summer.

Warren Stone, president and owner of the Sugar Rush Candy Company, is determined to make Julia slow down and enjoy the holidays. As her friend and confidante for thirteen years, he knows her better than anyone. But when decking the halls leads them to an explosive, sexy night, everything suddenly changes.

When Warren decides Julia is all he wants for Christmas, will she risk their longtime friendship for the gift of love?



*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE++++++ STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Loving Julia was change. Intense beauty. A touch of melancholy. Leaving behind and starting new. The indescribable joy of knowing he had lived as well as he possibly could, but that it was far from over. With her, he could see the bloom of endless springs.

I am head over heels in love with the Sugar Rush series and Nina Lane!! She proves time and again that she’s an author that can deliver a top-notch story. I never have to worry whether or not I’m going to have the best time getting lost in one of her books. She’s the real deal! Since the first book, I’ve been hoping that Warren, the patriarch of the Stone family and Aunt Julia, the younger sister of Warren’s deceased wife, would have a romance of their own. You could feel the chemistry between them in each and every installment. I’m so happy and feel like a kid on Christmas morning after having just finished this absolutely fabulous story. Ms. Lane has proven that fun and steamy romances are not only meant for the twenty and thirty-something crowd and that people in their 40’s & 50’s still have the ability to spice things up!!

Over the past thirteen years, Warren and Julia have become the best of friends, confidantes and each other’s support system. Julia left her life in London behind and moved to Indigo Bay to help take care of Warren and his children when her sister passed away during a fatal car accident. Never has she resented giving up her personal life because she loves her family something fierce. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Warren and his children. In all the time that has passed neither, Warren nor Julia endeavored to take their relationship a step further but buried inside both of their subconsciousness were feelings of deep affection and maybe even longing.

Warren is the one to initiate the progression of their relationship and while at first Julia is stunned, she also is unable to fight her attraction and needs for the silver fox. Warren might be fifty-five but he’s as virile and handsome as all of his sons. It’s clear where all the Stone men get their “sex appeal” from! While Warren and Julia discover new and intense passion, it’s Julia who struggles with feelings of guilt over finding happiness with her sister’s widower. Secrets from the past resurface and could potentially divide the Stone family and end Warren and Julia’s love affair before it even gets the chance to blossom.

Will they be able to let go of ghosts from the past? Can the Stone siblings accept their Aunt Julia as their father’s new love interest?

Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Hero: 5
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

SWEET LIFE is currently available! If for some reason you have not tried this series yet, I highly recommend it! It’s an absolute must-read!!

Amazon link:



*****Mel’s Review*****

5 Stars!


Julia Bennett lives in the California coastal town of Indigo Bay. She’s gifted at fashion & owns a successful styling company. She’s renowned for her expertise & stays very busy doing personal styling and hosting events for charity. She’s also the matriarch of the Stone family. Her sister died thirteen years ago, & her six nephews and her niece are her world. They mean everything to her. Including their father Warren Stone. Julia’s known Warren since she was fourteen. Over the years he’s become her best friend. The one person she could turn to, that always believed in her. They share a deep, loyal trust. She tried not to love him, to pretend she only felt friendship, but over time her heart wanted more. He was such a wonderful man, she couldn’t help falling for him. She secretly craved and fantasized about him, but knew he could never be hers. He’d always belonged to her sister, & she was too scared to lose what they’d spent years building.


-Everything made Warren Stone the gold standard against which all other men fell painfully short.

-Julia was unquestionably the best thing that had happened to Warren in the past thirteen years.

-She was perfect. So fucking perfect that he couldn’t fathom how he’d managed to restrain himself from touching her all these years.


It’s the holidays, & Julia throws herself into trying to make things extra special for her family. All the Stone kids are grown, but they still all spend Christmas together. One evening while decorating everything changes between Julia & Warren. Some innocent flirting turns into a sexy unexpected evening full of passion. Warren had often thought what if? He’d always loved Julia & wondered if they could be more. She’d become a part of him & essential to him and his children. He’d come to rely on her more than anyone. Now that they’d crossed that line, he wanted more, & wants her to give them a chance.


I’ve been dying for Papa Stones book, & it was everything I wanted and more! I fell harder for him than his sons, & I adore the Stone brothers. This man’s heart was absolutely beautiful. Get ready to swoon hard, & fall in love with Warren!

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