REVIEW – LAWN BOYS by K. Webster


She’s lived her life and it has been a good one.
Marriage. College. A family.
Slowly, though, life moved forward and left her at a standstill.

Until the lawn boy barges into her world.
Bossy. Big. Sexy as hell.
A virile young male to remind her she’s all woman.

Too bad she’s twice his age.
Too bad he doesn’t care.

She’s older and wiser and more mature.
Which means absolutely nothing when he’s invading her space.

Just when she thinks she has a handle on things, she meets his twin.

Double the growls.
Double the intensity.
Double the pleasure.

Double the trouble.

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Kiss after kiss, he makes sure each knuckle on my hand gets attention. ”I don’t see age with you, teacup. I only see you. Beautiful. Funny as fuck. Genuine and sweet.” 



I have been a fan of K. Webster’s for over a year now because she made me fall in love with the dark reads. Although I’m still upset over the fact that she and a co-author ruined my psychotic doll maker, I guess I can’t seem to stay away from her books for too long. She may be the Queen of dark & disturbing romances, but she is also quite gifted in writing what some would consider “taboo” erotica that I proudly label as my guilty pleasure reads. I knew from the title of this book, LAWN BOYS, that this was going to involve an older woman with a younger man who probably has barely reached adulthood yet, and while I wouldn’t normally fantasize about a hot eighteen-year-old boy, for just a little while I am able to let go of my inhibitions and just enjoy this decadently naughty romance.

Stephanie Greenwood is a thirty-eight-year-old single mom and newly labeled grandmother. For the past seventeen years it’s been just her and her daughter. Her late husband was killed in a car accident when their daughter was only three. She made Lacy and her career her main focus in life and the thought of being with another man never crossed her mind, until her hotter than hell and entirely too young neighbor pays her a visit offering his landscaping and pool boy services in return for an internship at her advertising agency. Just being in the vicinity of Anthony Blakely, who is also only eighteen, has her pulse racing and her lady bits all tingly.



Stephanie is unnerved by the desires Anthony has awakened in her. She knows that her attraction to him is scandalous due to their twenty year age difference. She’s more than twice his age and definitely old enough to be his mother. But with these two being in close proximity day in and day out, and with Anthony walking around half naked with his delicious sweaty body on display, let’s just say Stephanie’s reluctance will be overpowered by the insane lust the two have for each other. I enjoyed every naughty escapade between them and get ready there’s more—Anthony has an equally HOT identical twin, Aiden! I wondered why the story was called LAWN BOY(S) and soon my question was answered. All I can say is Stephanie is one hell of a lucky lady!



When the three start to have a little fun, Anthony starts to show his fierce jealousy even though it was at his urging that his brother joins in on their sexy times. While Stephanie is a willing participant at first she makes it clear that Anthony is who she really wants.
While Stephanie and Anthony enjoy each other in their safe bubble eventually friends and family will learn about their secret relationship. Will this turn out to be nothing more than a sexual tryst or is it possible that two people with twenty years age difference between them can actually fall deeply in love and end up in a beautiful committed relationship?

Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Hero: 4
Heroine: 4.5
Plot: 4
Angst: 2
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

In need of a quick and naughty read with a sugary sweet happily ever after? You’ll definitely want to one-click this one! LAWN BOYS is currently available!

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

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