I got the call. The dreaded call every child fears. My dad wasn’t well, and the man who had always been my everything needed me.

There was only one thing to do; pack up and head back to my hometown. I had finally made my dream life in the city with the great job and loving boyfriend. But was there really a choice not to go?

I found a wonderful job, a quaint house to rent, my boyfriend was working on joining me in Binghamton, and my favorite pizza place was only miles away. Life was good.

Until I met my neighbor.

It’s been three years since I’d seen Aaron Walters, and my God is he all kinds of sexy gorgeous. Figures. He was supposed to be my forever, the man I grew old with, but he had different plans. How can a man who ripped my heart apart still trip me up? How can he make me still want him now more than ever?

I’m tempted, I’m drawn toward him, I’m completely and utterly unaware that I’m dating his biological brother.

Now two men own my heart. The question is, which brother will I choose?


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Deep down I know I was made for loving Amelia, but despite that, our paths never perfectly crossed. You can love someone with all of your heart, but if the timing is off, it never works out.



I had no idea when I read the synopsis for THE OTHER BROTHER, that this was the book I’ve been anxiously waiting for Meghan Quinn to write. If you’ve read ”My Best Friend’s Ex” and ”Twisted Twosome”, then you have already met our hero, Aaron Walters ‘aka’ Smalls. This guy has intrigued me from the moment he was introduced in the series. He seemed to be such a mystery. The guy is single and gorgeous and women seem to fall all over themselves to be near him but for whatever reason, he never seemed to be the least bit interested. I knew Smalls had a story, but never expected it to be as heartbreaking as it turned out to be.

Aaron didn’t grow up in a loving and nurturing environment when he was a young boy. His mom was addicted to drugs and she ended up giving both of his younger brothers up for adoption when they each were born. Over the years he was able to keep in touch with his brothers but only sporadically and yet enough to know that they were the lucky ones because they were brought up by very loving adoptive parents. Aaron always questioned why his mother didn’t seem to think he deserved to have a shot at a better life like his younger brothers and it left him a little bitter, but years later when he meets Amelia Santos, he finally gets the chance to experience true happiness.



Amelia and Aaron fall head over heels in love and are truly two halves of a whole. For nearly two years their lives are blissful but then Aaron’s old insecurities surface and end up tearing the couple apart. At the time Aaron didn’t consider himself to be worthy of Amelia’s love and feared that if he stayed in the relationship with her, that she would end up passing on once in a lifetime opportunities, and so he pushes her away and winds up breaking Amelia’s heart.

Fast forward three years and we are brought to the present where “Smalls” now co-owns a construction company with his two best friends and he also owns a beautiful two-story house in a cozy neighborhood. He’s the most beloved neighbor on his block because he never hesitates to lend a helping hand wherever he’s needed. He’s in for the shock of his life when he meets his new next-door neighbor, who turns out to be Amelia. Their reunion is anything but warm as Amelia’s heart was nearly obliterated when Aaron walked away from her, and even though it’s been three years, it would seem that she’s never gotten over that heartache.



Amelia left her boyfriend back in Astoria, NY and moved to Binghamton in order to be close to her father who suffers from dementia. The plan was for her boyfriend to also move up with her once he was able to get a job in the area as well. She’s completely thrown off balance when she comes face to face with Aaron again. And while he tries to be neighborly and even extends his hand in friendship, Amelia doesn’t jump at the chance to reciprocate. Eventually, Aaron is able to charm his way back into her life and even though he is aware she has a boyfriend, he’s determined to make the most of this second chance he might actually have with Amelia.

Get ready for some shocking revelations and I guarantee that Aaron’s story is going to tug at your heart. I know I shed a tear or two for all of the sadness he held on to and for his inability to believe that he was worthy and deserving of a happily ever after.

Here are my overall ratings on the book:

Heroe: 4
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4.5
Angst: 4
Steam: 4
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 4.5

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