REVIEW – A CHARM OF FINCHES by Suanne Lacqueur


“I swear. Give me one more chance and I will make the most of it.”

Ex-escort Javier Landes is asking for his third chance at love. And the third time is the charm. He meets an art therapist named Steffen Finch and what starts as casual deepens into a passionate relationship—everything Jav has ever wanted, and everything he fears losing.

Stef’s business card reads Curator & Sailor. His creativity and insightful nature have made him into a talented therapist, the one to call for tough cases. His professional success can’t conceal a deep need to connect with someone, but Javier Landes is the last person Stef expected.

Geronimo “Geno” Caan is Stef’s most challenging case. To cope with his ordeal, he’s allowed an alter-ego called Mos to make decisions, and now lives a double life within a web of lies. Under Stef’s navigation, Geno uses art to express what Mos forbids to be spoken aloud. But as Geno’s attachment to Stef gradually extends to Jav, the boundaries between professional and personal begin to blur.

Over the course of a year, Jav, Stef and Geno form an unexpected and unconventional triangle, revealing how men make love in times of war and how love is a great wisdom made up of small understandings. The long-awaited second book of the Veneryseries, A Charm of Finches is an epic tale of survival and secrets guaranteed to make you think and feel and remember.


*****Dee’s Review*****

One Million of Emotional Stars********** 

You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“Loving you is the best thing I do.”

The way I feel about this book is too intense, too much. My heart feels like it’s bursting with emotions that can’t be contained. I want EVERYONE to read this book. I know that sounds demanding, and you are right, it is; but I just want everyone to feel what I’m feeling, to experience the beauty, the brutality, the explosion of words that will take over your heart and touch every single emotion that exists inside of you. Do I think this book is for everyone? Yes and No. It’s a hard read yes, the subject matter is a tough one, but once you experience the humanity in which these characters are written, you’ll understand that this book is ultimately about love, and about giving ourselves a second chance, and that is something everyone can relate with. A Charm Of Finches is a powerful story that I will treasure forever.



Javier Landes days as an escort are behind him. It wasn’t easy for him to leave his old lifestyle behind, but Jav is ready to finally give love and his author career, a real chance. On a day that once brought him deep sadness, he meets Steffan Finch, a therapist that helps victims of abuse, through art. Their friendship turns into something deep and beautiful and while Stef is amazed by all the beautiful feelings he gets whenever he and Jav are together, Jav can’t believe he would get it so right on the first try and is terrified.

Stef is very successful at what he does, helping others deal with dark times has always been his calling. His new client Geronimo “Geno” Cann will prove to be special, and also challenging for both his personal life and his career.

Geno is only eighteen but already has lost more than others have in a lifetime. His demons are constantly chasing him, and whenever they catch up, is a terrifying battle, that Geno fears one day he’ll lose. In order to cope Geno has created a web of lies around him, that eventually become too heavy to carry. Stef being Geno’s therapist and friend brings Jav into the equation where friendship and love will help them all come into the light, after so many dark days.

Every single character in this book was wonderful, and each one gave me a lesson. I was able to relate and even find pieces of myself inside the pages of this novel. Nothing I say can do justice to the brilliant story, A Charm Of Finches is. I will forever cherish, hug, and re-read this book. I highly recommend it.

Buy it today!

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