I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with the nanny.

When my wife left, she took the illusion of happiness with her, and I’ve been caught in a free fall ever since. For nine long months, I’ve been fighting to figure out how to be a single dad, how to be alone.

For nine long months, I’ve been failing.

When Hannah walked through the door, I took my first breath since I’d found myself on my own. She slipped into our lives effortlessly, showing me what I’ve been missing all these years. Because Hannah made me smile when I thought I’d packed the notion of happiness away with my wedding album.

She was only supposed to be the nanny, but she’s so much more.

The day my wife left should have been the worst day of my life, but it wasn’t. It was when Hannah walked away, taking my heart with her.


*****Dee’s Review*****

4 Romantic Stars****

What a sweet treat Charlie and Hanna’s story was. I could still smell the delicious powdery sweets Hanna bakes in the kitchen, and feel the romance these two characters were so afraid to give into. This book was filled with beautiful and passionate words that captivated me to no end…



Charlie is a very busy attorney, a single father now after his wife left him with his two kids, and in desperate need of help. Hanna is a Danish woman who has moved to The United States temporarily to work as a live-in nanny. Hanna had a terrible experience on her first job and after that disappointment she was ready to go back home but then the offer to work for Charlie came in, and as soon as he opened the door, Hanna saw the beauty, desperation, and complete loss in his eyes, so she decides to take the job.

Hanna is naturally sweet with the kids and everyone around her, and she’s teaching Charlie how he can be a part of his kids everyday life, she’s slowly turning his guilt and despair into hope. And Charlie and his kids will also give Hanna something so beautiful that will make it impossible for her to resist.

Both Hanna and Charlie are hesitant to accept the feelings and the happiness that comes with being together, and doing simple things like having dinner with the kids or even taking them to the zoo. They are both scared to admit how much they have come to need each other, and as the hurt from both their pasts threatens to reappear will it be a little too late for them?

This book has a plot with a little bit of a complicated subject but Stacy Hart really wrote this book in such a special way that I thought it was just lovely. The characters had such sweetness and vulnerability that from the moment you start reading you can’t help but to fall in love with them, and their tender story.

I love Staci Hart’s ability to write all different kinds of stories, she’s truly a chameleon, always bringing something different to her readers. She can write sexy, she can write explosive, and she can write tender, and lovely. This new book was truly a special read that without a doubt will sneak into the dreams of all its readers.

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