REVIEW – THIEVES 2 LOVERS (2 Lovers, #3) by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield


Best friends aren’t supposed to kiss.
But these best friends did.

He can’t get the taste of her lips off his mind.
She can’t let go of the guilt from her mistake.

He wants to be good enough for her.
She wishes life were different.

He’s the bad boy reject.
She’s the girl next door.

When opposites attract, they collide and create an explosion that can’t be ignored.
Is it possible to be madly in love with your best friend?

Love follows no rules because love is a rebel.

Her: We should talk about what’s happening…
Him: It’s about damn time.


*****Patty’s Review*****

{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Everything about her and her world is mine. We don’t exist without the other. It’s Rey and Linc. Always. Thick as thieves.



I have loved this series from the very first book to the last. Honestly, if I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to say that this one is it! I love the ”friends-to-lovers” trope and this story is about two of the most amazing people, who start out as the best of friends, ”thick as thieves” and turn out to be the most endearing and memorable couple out of everyone. The entire gang from the previous books are back and very much present throughout this story and that only helped to increase my reading pleasure. Out of all three installments, this one had the most heart and it also nearly destroyed me. I went from laughing to being incredibly turned on by the schmexy, and then crying from the devastating plot twist. It’s sad to have to say goodbye to this series but it’s been one hell of a ride along the way! Maybe someday I’ll go back and start from the beginning again.

Reagan Holloway is Roman and Ram’s cherished baby sister and CFO of the family business. She’s incredibly sweet and has this strong need to please her family. It’s actually caused her to choose poorly when it came to her ex-boyfriends and she might have stuck in bad relationships longer than she should have to avoid criticism. Somehow she thought her family would be disappointed in her if she yet again turned out to have another failed relationship. If anything, this to me was her only character flaw and at times it could be irritating. But there’s one man who has caused her heart to beat a little faster and had her stomach fluttering with anticipation and that’s her best friend, Linc. Linc is Andie’s stepbrother and he’s what you would consider a bad boy, but really he’s just misunderstood.



Lincoln Carter has not lived his life on the straight and narrow path. It all stems from his father’s abuse of his mother and ultimate abandonment when he was a young boy. Linc did a lot of rebelling and wound up in juvie more than a few times. He’s only ever committed petty crimes, but he’s recently messed with the wrong people and he’s on the run from them. He escapes New Jersey and heads off to spend time with his step-sister, but he never expected to come face to face with a living angel who would own his heart from the moment they first met.

Linc and Reagan become best friends almost immediately but all the while they each try to control the intense attraction they both are feeling. Their chemistry becomes impossible to ignore and soon Linc and Reagan give in to their desires and these two are without a doubt, the hottest couple of this series. This is probably not a good book to read while going through an oppressive heat wave where the temperature feels like it’s 100+ degrees!! I nearly combusted from a near heat stroke!

While the two are exploring this new territory in their relationship together, a secret that Linc is holding on to and refuses to open up about threatens to tear the couple apart. We get some heart pounding action and the end result nearly crushed me. I was thinking just how evil these two authors were for playing with my emotions like that.



All I can say is that the story wraps up perfectly and we get to be in each character’s head for just a little while longer during the amazing epilogue.

THIEVES 2 LOVERS is currently available! Make sure you one-click and if you haven’t read the previous books, I’d strongly advise that you do!

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*****Dee’s Review*****

4.5 Thick As Thieves Stars****

My favorite thing about reading the books in this series is that you can tell these two authors have an absolute blast writing together. Their amazing chemistry comes across so flawlessly in their books, making their fun contagious to the reader. So be prepared to have a grand ‘Ol time while reading Linc and Reagan’s sassy love story.


Linc and Reagan are best friends, thick as thieves. The problem is that they are insanely attracted to each other. Reagan doesn’t have the best dating record, and sometimes she feels like she’s disappointing her family by dating one loser after another. Which is why she is dating a very boring and proper guy who works in her company as the HR manager and all her family loves him.

Linc is used to living his life in the fast lane, getting in trouble, partying hard. People around him always judge him based on his looks and his bad rep. He never used to care about what people said or thought about him before, that is until he realized he has deep feelings for his best friend Reagan. Now he wants to straighten up his act and be the man she deserves.

Can Linc and Reagan cross the already blurred lines from friendship to romance? Will they give into their feelings and consequences be damned?

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