You can call me arrogant as much as you want. But when you’re the best at what you do and have the hottest restaurant on the west coast, with enough Michelin stars to make Gordon Ramsay’s head spin, you’ve earned the right to your confidence.

When I give an instruction in the kitchen, it’s not a suggestion–it’s an order. So when a new chef thinks she can do things her way, and dares to say so to my face, even her sharp wit and gorgeous pouty lips don’t make it okay.

But I have to admit, she’s got talent. She’s creative in the kitchen and not even that double-breasted chef jacket can hide her perfect body. As I get to know her, I can’t help wanting to know everything she thinks. I’ve never met a more talented chef. And I’ve never met a sassier and sexier woman in my life.

There’s only one way this push and pull can end.

With her in my bed, begging for more.



*****Mel’s Review*****

4 Stars!

Cole Chambers is an internationally-renowned celebrity chef who owns the hottest restaurant on the west coast. As one of the most famous chefs in the world, he’s known as the best. He was on a professional cooking TV show, & now he owns a restaurant in L.A. called Knife & is working on opening another restaurant in Vegas. He’s cocky & a perfectionist. He lives in the Hollywood Hills & has it all.


Cole likes things done his way in the kitchen. He’s worked hard to get where he is, & when he gives instruction, its to be followed. When a new chef named Willow decides to do things her own way Cole is furious.

Willow is a beautiful woman from Idaho. After her dreams & life plan failed, she was left with nothing. She moved to L.A. & was lucky enough to get a job as a new chef at Knife. Suddenly she makes a mistake & is worried she’s going to be fired by her hot new arrogant jerk of a boss.



Willow stands up to Cole & challenges him. He soon figures out she’s an extremely talented, creative chef & he respects her opinion. She’s sexy & full of attitude, but it only turns him on more. He wants her desperately but tries to be professional. Soon things are heating up in & out of the kitchen and this couple can’t get enough of each other.

I really enjoyed this book & love J.D. Hawkins writing. Cole Chambers was super sexy & this was a fun, flirty read.


-“What I really want is you.”

-This woman is absolutely incredible.

-I realize that he’s not just my hot boss anymore. No longer just a beautiful man with whom I share some physical connection. Irresistible lust, uncontrollable hungers, and alluring seductions might have led us so far, but now there’s more to it. Something meaningful.

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