REVIEW – DESTINED HEARTS (A Stolen Melody Duet #2) by K.K. Allen


He stole her lyrics, and then he stole her heart.

Lyric Cassidy is off the tour, lost as to what her next career move will be, and certain that she’ll never love again after Wolf. All because of a social media scandal that left her with no choice but to pack up and face the consequences. When she learns that the fate of her career is in her hands, she has a difficult decision to make. Step back on the tour bus with Wolf and deal with the mess she left behind, or end her contract early and lose her job at Perform Live?

Wolf’s shattered heart finds no resolve in giving Lyric a chance to come back on tour. He can never be with her again. Not after she walked away. Conflicted with wants and needs, he struggles to remember who Wolf was before Lyric. That’s what he needs to become again. Maybe then his heart will be safe. Or maybe there’s no hope for the damaged.

But with stolen dreams, betrayals, and terrifying threats—no one’s heart is safe. Not even the ones that may be destined to be together.


*****Dee’s Review*****

4 STARS****

Destined Hearts had my heart dancing to the beautiful melody of Lyric and Wolf’s love story. This second installment of The Stolen Melody Duet was fast paced and very passionate. This entire story was simply captivating.



This second book picks up right where the first one left off. Both Lyric and Wolf have broken hearts and secrets that have formed a whole new wall that separates them. Lyric has a lot of trust issues stemming from her tumultuous childhood, but her unconditional love for Wolf is the one thing in her life that she is sure about, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to be with him. Wolf too would do anything for Lyric, but can he see past all the hurt, and let her in once again?

Lyric’s past is coming back and threatening to take everything from her once again, but she’s not the little naive girl she once was. She’s all grown up and ready to fight for what she wants. Despite everything negative trying to get in the way of Wolf and Lyric’s love, they make beautiful music together that comes from the deep love they share for each other, but will that be enough to finally break down those walls between them?

This story was entertaining from beginning to end. The perfect amount of angst and passion make the reader enjoy it, and truly feel like you are part of the story. The secondary characters were amazing and the writing style was like music to my ears. If you are looking for a beautiful rock star story that will tug at your heart strings, THIS IS IT!!!!

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