REVIEW – SMALL TOWN SCANDAL (Wingmen #5) by Daisy Prescott


Another wingmen meets his match and this time it’s scandalous.

Carter Kelso is a man with a plan. And goats.
Ashley Kingston is a woman with a reputation.
Can he earn back her love before their past catches up with them and destroys everything?

On the island, my last name is synonymous with scandal. With a notorious father and a famous brother, I’ve been on the sidelines of our small town’s gossip circle for years. Nothing to see here. Just a man and his goats, happily going through life. Not a care in the world. Too bad it’s all lies.

I’m tired of trying not to be in love with Ashley Kingston, our very own island jezebel. Some people think she’s a slut. They think they know her. They’re wrong. Screw them.

Reputations can be deceiving. I should know.

Small Town Scandal is a second chance romance standalone novel and the fifth book in the Wingmen series. You do not have to read the other novels first.


*****Dee’s Review*****

5+++ Small Town Stars*****

Remember your first love? Stolen kisses, butterflies in the stomach, goosebumps all over your body? Imagine getting a second chance at the great love you once lost. Friendship, romance, and redemption are many of the things that make this book one I will never forget. Also, the very cute baby goats made Small Town Scandal my most favorite book of the series. A great summer read.



Carter Kelso is tired of playing the field in hopes to forget the one girl, who even after so many years still owns his heart, Ashley Kingston.

Ashley used to be the all American good girl. Carter and she were inseparable and totally in love when they were in high school. One day the unexpected happened, making everything around them fall apart. Those painful events taught Ashley a lesson, you can’t please everyone. She decided that she was going to start living her life on her own terms, even if that new resolution would give her a bad reputation.

Bad reputation or not, Carter might be the only one in the small town who really knows Ashley, and he wants another shot at being with her. He will stalk her, romance her and even call upon the help of his very adorable goats to help him on his mission to win her back. At first, Ashley is hesitant of Carter’s intentions but the hearts wants what it wants, and she can hardly resist the Goat Man. It has been a long time since Ashley actually listened to heart; can she let go of the past and give into her feelings?



Ashley was once a bad girl. Remember the book, Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat? She was that secondary character that got in trouble for being naughty. Well, I love that we got to live through her story, and I love that it actually ended up being my favorite book. Because I’m a firm believer in second chances, and hers was just spectacular. Everything about this book was wonderful, it was passionate yet tender, smart yet funny and truly unforgettable.

Make sure to check out this awesome series. They are all different and very special in their own way, but all so much fun to read. I enjoyed them all very much.

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