REVIEW – THE CATCH (The Player, #2) by K. Bromberg


After an unexpected twist of fate, All-Star catcher Easton Wylder is left questioning the loyalty of everyone around him.

Even the woman who shares his bed, Scout Dalton.

But if Easton thought being uprooted to the last place he expected was the only challenge life had to throw at him, he was dead wrong.

With an ailing shoulder and his career in limbo, his decision to make an unexpected change leads him to question everything – Scout’s love, family loyalties, and whether he can conquer the one obstacle he’s never been able to overcome. The secret he’s never shared with anyone.

He may be a man pushed to his limits, but he’s hell-bent on proving his worth no matter the cost.



*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

He kisses me with a passion I’ve never felt before. It’s soft and sweet but there’s so much more to it.
It’s a hello.
It’s a goodbye.
It’s an apology.
It’s a declaration.



Easton’s life as he knew it is up in the air. At the end of THE PLAYER it looked like Scout made a choice to betray Easton in order to come through with her promise to her dying father to get a contract with the Austin Aces as their permanent PT. Things aren’t always what they seem. Scout happened to come across the addendum to Easton’s contract and knew that one word from her would either make or break his career. She chose to lie in order to save Easton’s career in Pro Baseball and to also protect his family.

At first, Easton only sees Scout’s actions as the worst form of betrayal but ultimately, the truth always comes out and then the two are back on track and falling deeper in love with each other. They face some challenges while having to live in separate cities and also some unexpected family drama but through it all, their love only continued to strengthen.



Get ready to have all your questions answered in this conclusion to The Player series and be prepared to fall even more in love with K. Bromberg’s latest swoon-worthy hero, Easton Wylder.

THE CATCH is currently available!



*****Mel’s Review*****

4 Stars!



Scout Dalton is a therapist for Dalton Physical Therapy. She’s working in Austin, Texas for the Austin Aces professional baseball team. She’s there to secure a contract for her father who is ill, but she mixes business with pleasure when she falls for their star catcher Easton Wylder. She risks the contract by getting involved with Easton & jeopardizes fulfilling her dad’s last wish by putting Easton first. She compromises herself & everything she’s been working toward to try and protect the man who has her heart, but she second guesses all her decisions.


Easton Wylder has given everything he has to the Aces. Baseball is his life, & he loves the city of Austin. It’s always been home. Since injuring his shoulder he’s been working hard rehabbing it to get back on the field. If he isn’t 100% he won’t be reinstated. His life is suddenly thrown into chaos when he’s blindsided by the people he thought he could trust most. His career is up in the air & everything is uncertain. He doesn’t know who he can trust anymore & even begins to wonder if Scout’s intentions are good.


Easton questions everyone’s loyalty but soon figures out Scout is the one person he can count on. She understands him & always see’s the best in him. She fights for him & they put their trust in one another. They learn they can survive anything together, & come out even stronger.

I really enjoyed this series, & love me some Easton Wylder! This man is delicious & has so much love to give. This was a super sexy sports romance full of emotion that will give you all the feels.


-He kisses me with a passion I’ve never felt before.

-I give him everything I have. Every piece of me. Every part of my heart.

-I wonder if there will ever come a time when he looks at me like this and butterflies don’t tickle every single part of me.

-The way he looks at me- like he can see into my soul- that unnerves me and invigorates me in ways I never knew possible.

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