REVIEW – ROCKED UP by Karina Halle & Scott MacKenzie


Rocked Up is a STANDALONE rockstar romantic comedy and the fun and sexy brainchild of New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle and her husband Scott Mackenzie.

I have been watching him since I was a child.

He didn’t notice me back then and it didn’t matter. Brad Snyder, guitarist and singer for one of the world’s greatest bands, was my entire life.

My father, the CEO of Ramsey Records, takes credit for all of Brad’s success, trying to control him in the same way he’s controlled me.

But I finally get an opportunity to prove myself.

To be wild.

To be free.

Today I’m auditioning to be the replacement bass player for Brad’s band. If I get the job, I’ll go on tour and work with Brad every day, in very close proximity.

There’s only one rule: he’s not allowed to touch the boss’s daughter.

Remember when I said that Brad never used to notice little ol’ me?

Well, Brad’s noticing me now.

In a way that’s going to get us both in trouble.

My name is Lael Ramsey and we all know how this will turn out.


*****Mel’s Review*****

4.5 Stars!


Lael Ramsey is the daughter of a successful record producer. Her dad owns the record label, Ramsey Records. He represents her all time favorite band, And Then. She has a massive crush on the lead singer & guitarist, Brad Snyder. She attends one of his shows when she is 14. She’s so starstruck she completely humiliates herself.

Seven years has gone by & she’s been obsessed with Brad for years. He’s one of the main reasons she loves music. His music has always inspired her. She writes songs & plays the bass guitar. She wants the opportunity to do what she loves, so when Brad’s band needs a temporary bass player for their upcoming tour, she hopes this is her chance to prove herself as a musician. She auditions and begins touring with the band.


-You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in you.

-This is my dream.

-This is unreal.


Brad Snyder came from nothing & was bounced around foster care most of his childhood. Music was his only constant. His whole life changed when he was 17 & signed with Ramsey Records. They made him a star & over the past ten years, he’s become famous. Suddenly his boss’s daughter is joining them on tour for the next two months. He hasn’t seen little Lael in years. She’s absolutely stunning & also forbidden. The one rule about her is nobody’s to touch the boss’s daughter. She’s totally off limits. This is easier said than done.

The more time they spend together, the more they lust over one another. Passion ignites & they finally give in. Lael feels free and is having the time of her life touring & being with her dream guy. Brad can’t remember a time he’s been this happy. He’s always been alone in the world, but suddenly he’s growing attached to Lael. Real feelings are forming, but will her controlling father threaten to end what’s been building between them?

I really enjoyed this fabulous rockstar romantic comedy. It was the first book Karina Halle has co-written with her husband Scott Mackenzie. They write beautifully together. It was fantastic!


-“The only thing I’m afraid of is not being with you.”

-I want him. I need him. And no one else will do.


*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Love—it’s a drug I’ve never tried because I’ve seen it kill so many others. Maybe I am the drug and deep down I know I’m no good. What kind of man needs this life I’m living? What kind of man wants to stand on stage and have tens of thousands of people scream for him? There is so much fakeness I have lost myself in and I’m so completely selfish.

ROCKED UP is the first writing collaboration between Karina Halle and her husband, Scott Mackenzie. I really enjoy a good rock star romance and these authors were able to create a story that for the most part kept me entertained. The writing between the two authors was seamless and although it is told in alternating POVs, the story never felt disjointed. If I hadn’t known that the book was co-written, I would have assumed that one author had penned the entire story.

Lael Ramsey has idolized and crushed on the lead singer of the group And Then since she was fourteen-years-old. Her father, who is a recording producer and who owns the group that Lael idolizes, ends up getting her backstage passes to their concert. The moment she met Brad Snyder was too overwhelming for her and she ended up fainting. Fast forward seven years later, Lael is given another opportunity to come face to face with her idol and adolescent crush, when her father asks her to pick Brad up from the airport. Lael has become a gifted bass player and songwriter and asks for the chance to try out to be And Then’s new bass player as the group has had to let go of their previous one due to drug addiction.

Brad is pleasantly surprised to see Lael at the airport and he hasn’t forgotten her over the past seven years. He notices that she has matured into a stunningly beautiful woman and is drawn to her. They seem to get along easily and feel at ease amongst each other. When he is ordered to bring Lael on as the group’s new bass player by her father, he’s a bit put off at first but when Lael insists that she be given the chance to try out for the spot instead, Brad and his bandmates are nearly blown away by her amazing talent.

When Lael is unanimously voted to be the new bass player, she heads out on tour with the guys while unbeknownst to her, Lael’s father has already laid down the law with Brad. This is to be a short-term gig so that she can get this out of her system and Brad is to keep his hands off of her. If he breaks the rules her father won’t hesitate to end his career. Well, of course, being the rebel that he is, Brad doesn’t keep his distance and neither does Lael. Being together day in and day out only ends up igniting an explosive passion between the two.

Can the two lovers come out of the experience unscathed when there are so many people who are against their union?

ROCKED UP is currently available!


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