REVIEW – CRAZY OVER YOU by Daisy Prescott


Crazy Over You is a standalone romantic comedy and the second book in the Love with Altitude series.

My savior isn’t prince charming.
I’m not that lucky.
He’s my worst nightmare.
He’s my one-night stand from two years ago.
And he doesn’t remember me.

What happens on vacation doesn’t always stay on vacation. Especially in a place like Aspen. I moved to the mountains for my dream job. I never expected to run into the man of my dreams. Again.

I never thought I’d see her again.
My Cinderella didn’t leave me a shoe to find her.
Not that I’d need random footwear to recognize her.
Her kiss is something I’ll never forget.

Work hard. Play hard. I’m paid to be a nice guy on the slopes, but what I do in my off time isn’t always about making good choices. That’s the fun of living in a ski town. I stay while the women come and go.

Be sure to check out Next to You, the first Love with Altitude novel in this series of interconnected standalones!

*****Dee’s Review*****

4.5 Crazy Fun Stars*****

An amazing one-night stand that even two years after it happened Mara still can’t forget about. Mara’s new job takes her into the snowy mountains, and straight into the arms of the sexy stranger that got away from her years ago.

Gorgeous snowy mountains, a couple of sweet dogs, and a fun, and sexy story make Crazy Over You a cozy, weekend read that will entertain you to no end.

Mara and Jesse met two years ago while she was still a student, and Jesse going through some dark times in his life. The chemistry between them had been perfect but the timing, totally wrong.

Mara just moved into town and is trying the slopes, when she suddenly gets a bad panic attack, and Jesse is the one who saves her. When they first met, two years ago, Mara was very drunk, but she remembers every beautiful feature of Jesse’s body, and she also remembers what an amazing kisser he was. But does he remembers her?

It’s not quite clear who remembers what, but even throughout the confusion, their chemistry is still as explosive as always. Are these two crazy characters ready to indulge in the sweet sensations they cause together, or is their timing still off?

It’s no secret that I adore reading a Daisy Prescott novel. She writes happy, smart, funny romances that are always memorable in my heart. This one was no different, and being a total animal lover, the dogs in this novel were the perfect compliment to an already wonderful story. I loved it!!!

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