REVIEW – SURVIVING HARLEY (Sex, Vows & Babies Kindle Worlds Novella) – by K. Webster


Taylor Cunningham is a diva talk show host who’s signed on for ninety days of marriage to a stranger.
All in the name of skyrocketing her career.

Harley Harrison is a bearded survivalist who’ll do anything to move past a broken heart.
Even if that means letting millions of people choose his perfect match and letting them televise his every move.

Opposites don’t always attract. Two people can’t be forced to be happy. And after nearly three months in marriage hell, they are counting down to the moment they can throw in the towel and divorce, without breaching contract.

But then everything changes in the blink of an eye.

One hot drunken night. A national scandal. Terrorists. Bombs. And total anarchy. This unlikely couple will be forced to work together…even if it kills them.

Will they survive and find love along the way?
Or is this marriage over in more ways than one?

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

The need to belong to him overtakes me and hope flutters in my chest. Fear of abandonment and a broken heart hide in the shadows as hope, this new sensation, shines bright, alighting every corner of doubt in my mind.

This book took me by complete surprise, and I absolutely loved it. I read the blurb and judging by the cover, I expected this to be a silly but super steamy erotic novella! K. Webster has been known to write a few of those. However, this was like two stories wrapped up in one perfect little package. A merging of the reality show”Married At First Sight” meets ”The Walking Dead, but without all the zombies!! This is exactly why I love K. Webster so much – you never know what you’re going to get with her. The story starts off light-hearted but then things get incredibly steamy followed by a healthy dose of the dark element that we have come to enjoy from this author!!

Taylor Cunningham is the host of her own television talk show. In an effort to increase her ratings, she goes along with the producer’s plans which involve her marrying a complete stranger that a matchmaking service sets her up with. She is then to have their wedding and lives together for the next three months televised to the viewing audience. Harley Harrison has had his heart broken in the past by a woman he thought he’d be spending the rest of his life with. Determined to find love again, he agrees to enter into this arranged televised marriage. Things start off a bit rocky between Harley and Taylor as she seems very standoffish and the two couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. But something changes and one night their growing attraction becomes impossible to ignore. The only problem is they forgot to make sure the cameras were off and their frantic lovemaking is broadcasted on air.

Just when you think that the biggest worry that these two have is that they’ll have to face all the negative and embarrassing publicity, a terrorist group has managed to turn off the electricity for the entire United States! Now, these two are heading out of NYC with a few belongings and supplies towards Harley’s family home in Montana. As you can imagine they are faced with an apocalyptic version of their country. People have become degenerates when there is an absence of order and lawfulness. Harley and Taylor are now fighting the battle of their lives just to survive in their new world. Throughout their journey, the love that builds between them only blossoms and all that matters is that they have each other. Luckily, Harley is a survivalist and has experience living off the land and doing without all the comforts of modern technology, and it also doesn’t hurt that he has an insatiable sexual appetite!

If you’re looking for something a bit different with some hotter than hell steam, make sure you pick this one up. It’s a quick read and thoroughly entertaining!!

SURVIVING HARLEY is a spin-off of THE ROAD BACK TO US, but can be read as a standalone. Be sure to one-click!

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