REVIEW – THE CAD AND THE CO-ED (Rugby #3) by LH Cosway & Penny Reid





Third book in the USA Today Bestselling Romantic Comedy Series

Keeping a secret this big is going to take lots of balls. Specifically, rugby balls.

Bryan Leech is a cad.
Or, he *was* a cad.
No one is quite certain.
Once the quintessential playboy, Bryan claims he’s done with wild parties and weekend benders. No more one night stands leading to mornings he can’t remember; no more binges and blackouts; no more exploits plastered all over the tabloids and rag sheets. According to Bryan, he’s cleaning up his act.
The only problem is, no one believes him.

Eilish Cassidy never thought she’d be a mother at nineteen or still in college at twenty-four. Cut off from every member of her family except her favorite cousin, she’s finally managed to put her life back together. Stronger and wiser, Eilish enters her last semester of university determined to stand on her own. Now she just needs to find an internship.
The only problem is, her best option—by far—places her directly in the path of her son’s father, and he doesn’t remember her at all.

Bryan is determined to prove he’s changed. Eager to settle down with the right woman, he’s got his sights set on the gorgeous redhead who seems terribly familiar.
Eilish is determined to hide her secret. She’ll do anything to keep her child safe, even if that means ignoring her own wishes and desires.
But what happens when Bryan starts to remember? And what will it take for Bryan to convince the girl he forgot that she’s unforgettable?

*****Patty’s Review*****

*****FIVE STARS*****

Just for a moment. I breathed him in and he smelled…fantastic. Familiar. He smelled like my dreams. And he felt too good to be true.

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THE CAD AND THE CO-ED is the third standalone installment of the Rugby series and it was just as amazing as the first two books! The writing collaboration between Cosway & Reid is beyond stellar!! I just can’t get enough of this wonderful series and incredible characters!!

Nineteen-year-old, Eilish Cassidy has just had the night of her life with a man who has been the star of her fantasies for quite some time. Bryan Leech is a professional Rugby player and is her cousin Sean’s teammate. The two met at a wedding and there was an instant physical attraction which led to a night of amazing sex, but when the sun rises the next morning it seems to Eilish’s total dismay, that Bryan completely forgot their night together since he was beyond drunk. He was anything but pleasant to her the next morning which shatters poor Eilish’s heart.

The story fast forwards to five years later and Eilish is about to start her new job as a physical therapist for her cousin’s Rugby team. Her life had been drastically changed by that one night of hot sweaty passion with Bryan. She ended up getting pregnant and was disowned by her mother when she refused to give her son up for adoption. Eilish tried to make it on her own but ended up getting help from her cousin when things got pretty dire. Sean was such an amazing secondary character. His devotion to his cousin and her little son was beyond endearing.

Eilish is quite nervous about starting her new job because she knows that she will come face to face with Bryan again and the five years that have passed have done nothing to ease her broken heart. When they cross paths again the chemistry between them is undeniable. Bryan is not the same man he was when they had their one night together. Back then he was an alcoholic who had no qualms about sleeping with all the women who threw themselves at him. Bryan was given an ultimatum by his coach to clean up his act or be cut from the team, and that spurs him on to seek treatment. He’s now two years sober and in all that time has steered clear of women and relationships. Now Eilish is awakening feelings in him that laid dormant for so long. She becomes a bit of a challenge for Bryan because she’s not falling for his advances. This is something Bryan is not used to and it only further ignites his interest in her.

Eilish has never been able to get over the fact that Bryan found her totally forgettable. She’s also fearful that he will find out about their son. Even though her cousin tries to convince her that Bryan is a changed man and that she should let him know that he is the father of her child, she holds on to fear that he’ll try to take her son away from her.

When the truth is revealed, will Bryan run the other way due to his fear of commitment or will he step up and be the father he always wished he’d had as a young boy? Will Eilish and Bryan be able to get over the past and their hang-ups and see that happiness is within their grasp?

THE CAD AND THE CO-ED is currently available. Make sure you one-click. 🙂



*****Dee’s Review*****

5 Beautiful Stars*****

From the moment you open this book you are hit in the heart with an explosion of awesomeness. This novel solidifies the top spot this series holds, on my favorite books shelf. The Cad And The Coed will succeed in providing the reader with a heavy dose of beautiful romance, endless fun, and a truly inspiring plot.




Bryan Leech and Eilish Cassidy get tangled up in a beautiful, and hot one night stand. When the morning comes, Eilish is certain in her heart that she has found the man of her dreams, and Bryan only wants to shut the curtains, take some pills for his raging headache, and try to sleep off his horrible hangover. When faced with the terrible reality that her Prince Charming was pissed drunk, and hardly remembers what was the best night of her life, Eilish, completely heartbroken flees the scene and wants nothing more than to forget this man forever. But no matter how hard Eilish tries, this will be one she will never be able to forget.

Years late Bryan Leech is trying to live his life as a recovering alcoholic. With his party days behind him, he has found himself living a lonely and cautious life. Half of his friends and latest girlfriend pushed him aside, and these days Bryan is all about his rugby career and his sobriety. When he meets the team’s new physiotherapist, for the first time in a long time Bryan is feeling a very strong attraction towards a woman, and looking at the gorgeous therapist with the red locks he gets a feeling of deja vu.

Eilish has been working hard to get her degree in physiotherapy to provide for her and her son. Love is not something she likes to think about, but when she starts working for her cousin’s rugby team and is faced with her painful past, all those strong and dangerous feelings start rushing back into her heart.

Will Bryan and Eilish get a second chance? Will love have a chance, even though they are two totally different people this second time around?

Reading this third book truly was a treat for us fans of the series. All of our favorite characters from past books are back, adding humor and heart to the already wonderful story.

L.H Cosway and Penny Reid’s collaboration is so seamless you kind of forget you are reading. The reader is always front and center in all the action. You will laugh and fall in love with all the amazing characters. The Cad And The Co-Ed is a fabulous new addition to this fan favorite series.



*****Mel’s Review*****




Eilish Cassidy spent one wonderful, beautiful night with the man of her dreams, fullback for the Irish National Rugby team, Bryan Leech. She was 19, & it was the most meaningful experience of her life. She’d been infatuated with him for years & he was her fantasy come true. Only problem was the next morning he didn’t remember a thing.

To make her situation even worse Eilish finds out she’s pregnant & is then cut off from her family. The only person she has is her cousin Sean Cassidy. Sean & Eilish grew up together & he’s like a brother to her. With Sean’s help, Eilish works hard to finish college & be the best single mom she can be.

Eilish moves back to Ireland & her cousin Sean helps her get a job as a physiotherapist for his rugby league. This new job will put Eilish right in the path of her son’s father. She hasn’t seen Bryan in five years & is totally freaking out. He completely crushed her last time she saw him, & she’s not sure she can handle being in the same room with him. She’s trying to move on with her life & do what’s best for her son.

Bryan Leech had a reputation as a wild playboy. He was known as the fun-loving party guy and he often experienced blackouts from drinking too much. He partied the last ten years away & then finally decided it was time to get it together & get sober. He’s been sober now for about two years.




Bryan is now 30, & a completely different person. His sobriety is everything to him. His new lifestyle is about peace, quiet & serenity. He comes face to face with Eilish, but of course, doesn’t realize their history. He see’s her & is totally captivated. Redheads are his kryptonite & he feels an instant connection he can’t explain. He’s so drawn to her he decides to pursue her. He becomes obsessed with her & can’t figure out why his usual charms aren’t working.

Eilish is so scared her secret will come out. At the same time, she hates she still has feelings for Bryan. She can’t let him close enough to hurt her again, yet she can’t change how just the sight of him does things to her. She desires him so completely and desperately it consumes her. Eventually, Bryan finds out he has a child & he makes it his mission to prove to Eilish he’s a changed man. He’s ready to settle down & wants to be a family. The problem is Eilish doesn’t trust him & thinks she’s forgettable to Bryan. Can he convince her she’s unforgettable & the woman of his dreams?

I loved this book so much! This beautiful man makes such a transformation. He has such a pure, loving heart, & he was absolutely dreamy. He fell so hard for Eilish & fought to win her heart!


-Those intense eyes looked deep into me, cut me right to the core. I’d never get over them, not in a million years.

-“I want you, Eilish. I want you with every breath I take.”

-I’d never forget another moment with her for the rest of my life.

-His soul was my missing piece. Our hearts found a home in each other. He was my other half. He was meant for me.

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